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Commander "Big" Mitch

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The Candace


(This Fan-Fic Is based on Hayao Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky)
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When Phineas, an Engineer's apprentice finds a young girl named Isabella, floating down from the sky, wearing a glowing necklace

he goes on a journey with her, a band of pirates lead by Capt. Candace and his partner Ferb to find The Castle in the Sky.

But Commander "Big" Mitch and his army Are determined to find it first and use it's tech. to give the world the worst day ever.


Phineas- an apprentice engineer and a selfless dreamer hopeing to find adventure who is about to have his greatest adventure ever.

Isabella- a young and kind girl who has taken a liking to Phineas and his warm personality.

Ferb- Phineas's partner and best friend. he dosen't say much, but very inteligent and knows how to tinker with tech.

Candace- a 15 year old captain of the Candace gang, she joins Phineas and his friends so she and her crew can get the castle treasure.

"Big" Mitch- an evil alien commander on a mission to find The Castle in the Sky with his army , The Devastators and Give the world( as Phineas states) the worst day ever.

Irving- the Candace gang's cabin boy. He admires Phineas's courage in the face of danger.


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