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For December 2012
The Epic of the Duel of Ping Pong
Created by PoptartPlus

This story was originally posted on, under my user name of "I am the Poptart". Otherwise, enjoy.

"Alright, everybody keep your butts in their seats." Candace called into the back of the car. "It's bad enough that I have to babysit you all while Mom's shopping, so you could at least refrain from acting like monkeys."

"But I like monkeys…" Buford muttered.

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Featured Character

For November/December 2012

By Sara124

Today is gonna be a great day by olga950-d545zmx Katrin is Xavier and Fred's friend. Xavier is a great friend, Katrin. They both get along very well. When they are fifteen years fall in love. Fred is a good friend Katrin, though she did not get along with him as well as with Xavier.
Katrin has a 'bright' blond hair and dark skin. For blue eyes, the lens assumes that change the contours of the orange. Moreover, dressed in an orange shirt, white skirt, orange and purple socks, shoes. Her hair is braided into two ponytails and wears an orange-purple bows.

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Featured Media

For February 2013
Look at the sky by olga950
By Sara124
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For February 2013

Steampunk Audrey Small

Amanda Lopez
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