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A video game by AdamGregory03. It is for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 3.


A space storm has been revealed heading towards Earth, as well as recent sightings of alien creatures. Phineas, Ferb, and they're friends go to check it out. Meanwhile, Perry believes the space storm is Dr. Doofenshmirtz's doing.

Confirmed Characters

Who is in the game? Look below to find out.



Confirmed Levels

What levels are confirmed for the game.

Level 01: Downtown Danville

The gang finds an odd alien known as Skrullard and decide to follow him through Danville. Maybe he knows a thing or two about the space storm and aliens.

BOSS: Skrullard

Intermission 1

Perry is hot on Doofenshmirtz's trail. But who knows, is he really at his apartment building? Fight you're way through his guard robots to find out!

Level 02: Danville Harbor

The gang locates Skrullard heading towards the Danville harbor. Quickly, stop him! Oh, and that water alien guy he has with him.

BOSS: Bivalvan

Intermission 2

Perry's tracked down Doofenshmirtz's base out on the harbor. You're gonna have to do some fancy swimming to get to it.

Level 03: The Gogoplex Mall

Skrullard is at the Gogoplex Mall, and there he's hypnotized an orange-haired teenage girl to do his bidding. Will Phineas and Ferb finally be busted?

BOSS: Hypnotized Candace

Intermission 3

Perry's tracked down Doofenshmirtz at the Gogoplex Mall. He's set up his robots, so you better get you're platypus butt to kick some butt!

Level 04: Danville Skyscraper

Skrullard's at the very tippy top of the Danville Skyscraper. Better get you're way up there! Oh, and watch out for the psycho in red and black trying to kill you because he was payed to.

BOSS: Deadpool

Intermission 4

Use Perry's car to race down Doofenshmirtz, and catch him before he makes it back to his headquarters, ASAP!

Level 05: Cosmic Storm Exterior

The Cosmic Storm is getting closer and closer. Not much longer until Size X comes!

BOSS: Skrullard

Intermission 5

It's Perry vs. Doofenshmirtz! But is he even behind it?

MINI-BOSS: Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Level 06: The Cosmic Storm

Behold, Size X. Are you up to face the final boss?

BOSS: Size X


  • This is the second Phineas and Ferb-related video game to feature to boys fighting evil, the first being Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension: The Video Game.
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