2012 version: Phineas and Ferb: The Spirit of Christmas (revamped and extended edition!)


As you go through life, you discover the many wonders of the world, yet with these wonders, come the Icy truth. The world is not a safe haven, it is a place of wars... It is a place of death, a place of hunger. Yet at least once a year, men, woman, and children, can see the goodness in the world. Yet, for all people it has different idea's on what the "Spirit of Christmas" really is.

For some, it is a time when their king was born in a stall, or to light a candle on a Menorah, or maybe, just a time a time to be thankful. {C} {C}But sadly, to some- it is just a time that you have to spend money on material things. Bustling malls, kids crying on Santa's lap.

Oh, but what people don't see ! Do you not see ? Do you ? It's a symbol of Love ! Love, hope and piece !

Chapter 1: The Best Christmas Ever

The triangle headed kid was bundled in his thickest jacket, fighting the Cold December wind.

It was the 14th of December, one day before school would be out for Christmas. It hadn't snowed yet, which was odd, because it was usually blanketed by now.

Phineas smiled."Ferb I Can feel it ! It's gonna snow !" He stuck his nose to the ground and sniffed like a hunting dog. "I can SMELL it !"

Ferb staired down at his brother and nodded.

"I mean- what would Christmas be with out snow ?!" He asked Ferb.

Ferb shrugged in response.

"And if nature won't give it to us- we'll make it !" He yelled.

"Phineas ! You and Ferb are suppose to be heading to School !" Linda yelled from the top of the roof.

"We are, we don't have to be early today, Gifted Classes are just a goof-off day today, we're watching a movie." He answered. "How's the Light hanging going ?" He asked.

"Oh- if your Father will untangle himself we'll be doing ok." She laughed.

"Don't worry Darling ! I'm working on it !" Lawrence said in his thick British accent.

"Ok, Mom ! See ya later !" Him and Ferb ran off.

Then Phineas spontaneously broke into song.

♫Twinkling lights♫

-He stood up a plastic snowman that had fallen to the ground. He also plugged it into the nearby extinction cord-

that familiar chill is in the air♫

-Phineas pulled his hat down to try to keep it down-

♫And the Neighbors singing carols everywhere♫

-He jumped onto a trash can-

♫Close your eyes, you can tell it's almost here !♫

-He jumped of and grabbed Ferb's hand and started to run-

♫And It's gonna be-the best Christmas Ever ! Can't you Feel the extra magic in the air-- ?!♫

-Ferb joined in-

♫Oh, yes I can tell it's here !♫

-Ahead there was a frozen puddle that ran to the end of the block, Phineas turned to Ferb and started to sing-

♫Oh, I can feel the wet stuff comin' Oh can't you feel it too? ♫
Slipping and Sliding

♫We'll be slippin' and sliding, and snowboard riding, Oh, Can't you see ? It's gonna be the best Christmas ever !♫

-They started to slide on the ice-

♫We'll be slippin' and sliding, and snowboard riding, Oh, Can't you see ? It's gonna be the best Christmas ever !♫

-Phineas let Ferb go, Phineas jumped of the icy patch-

♫It's gonna' be the best Christmas ever !-♫

As Phineas hit the last note, Ferb lost his balance and went flying into Phineas. Who launched back into a yard.

Phineas laid there for a second but then looked at Ferb who was laying vertical to him and Started to laugh.

Ferb blinked, then started to laugh too.

Suddenly a shadow appeared over them. Phineas and Ferb looked up at the blond headed boy.

Chapter 2:Coffee

"Well, you two seem to be having fun." Jeremy laughed.

"Hey, Jeremy !" Phineas said standing up.

"So, where's you sister ?" He asked.

"She's at the house, still getting ready." Ferb replied.

"Hmm, I'll drive by on my way to school." He said getting the keys from his pocket. "You two need a ride ? I can take yall."

"No, thanks. I'm fine. How about you Ferb ? Phineas asked.

Ferb gave a thumbs up.

"I guess we'll be walking." Phineas replied.

"Ok, guys, see ya later." Jeremy said getting into his car. "Your sister asked for a ride, I'm gonna get over there, see y'all later !"

Phineas and Ferb watched Jeremy back out then drive away.

"Well we got 45 minutes to get there, wanna get some coffee ?" Phineas asked.

"Your getting decaf.." Ferb said sternly. "Once you start drinking the regular you can't shut up."

"Your no fun.." Phineas grunted.

"I know. Come on let's go.." Ferb replied.

They began walking to the coffee shop.

Chapter 3: It's Cold

"I don't know, Stacy." Candace said shaking her head. "I don't think Cain will come to Danville for Christmas.." She said Playing with her hair. "He's doing that thing on ABC tonight, you know were they go sing Christmas songs."

"Yea, I know." Stacy said flipping Through one of Candace's magazines. "Maybe he will, or he may go see his uncle's on his Mom's side... Or his Dad."

"No, no. I talked to Cain about that, he said he wouldn't go near him." She sighed. "He hasn't talked to him since his Mom died."

"That's sad. I mean, It being Christmas and all."

Candace Stopped playing with her hair and pulled it back.

"Why don't you wear it down ? Or something else ?" Stacy asked.

"The wind will blow it around and When I put it down with my hood it itches"

"All I care about is how it looks, comfort comes in second when it comes to style."

"I can tell. That jacket it like having thorns everywhere."

"Ha, ha, ha. Funny." Stacy fake laughed.

"Well come on, Jeremy's taking us to school." Candace said walking to her door.

"Ok. You know I find it weird that you see Jeremy more than you do your boyfriend.."

Candace rolled her eyes. "What are you talking about ?"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about !" She laughed. "You are in a serious love triangle !"

"You need to stop watching Shadows..." Candace grunted.

"Candace ! Jeremy is out here !" Linda yelled from the roof.

"Ok, Mom !" Candace yelled back.

"Come on, Stacy !" Candace said opening the door.

"I'm coming." Stacy said.

Candace ran down the stairs with Stacy following not to far behind. She grabbed her coat and put it on.

"Hey, Stacy I'm going out to Jeremy's car, I'll Meet you out there." Candace opened the door to the chilled north wind.

She ran out and jumped into Jeremy's car.

"Dang it's cold !" She said shivering.

"I know, it's the coldest in two years, but no kind of moisture." Jeremy said turning the heater up.

"What's the high today ?" Candace asked.

"twenty-eight." Jeremy groaned.

"Ugh." Stacy said getting into the back of the car. "This is SO not cool..."

"No, it's cold..." Candace joked.

"Ha,Ha,ha." Stacy said with sarcasm. "Just get me to school.."

Candace and Jeremy laughed.

Chapter 4: Vixen

Cain was doing a consort that night, that would be televised on ABC. Cain, although for his love of music, really just wanted to relax.

On the other hand, Vixen, Cain's manager, was trying to keep Cain awake and get him to get things done- which wasn't too easy. The Green eyed woman stared down at Cain, who was sitting on a couch.

"Cain, your fixing to do a sound check." Vixen said scrolling through her phone.

Cain grunted. "Just five more minutes..." He said shoving some chips.

"You don't got five minutes." She snatched the bag from him. "Now, get up."

"Fine, you win, you slave driver." He grunted.

"Cain !" She put her phone down and put her hand on her hip. "I made you a big star, and I can easily destroy you and have you singing in honky-tonks." She smiled. "Which is it gonna be, Johnson ?" She asked.

"Fine, fine !" Cain shot up. "Good choice." She smiled.


"Hold on there, Vix'." He grabbed his phone from his pocket, Candace was calling him. "Hey, Candy." He said in his most cheerful voice.

"Hey, Cain !" Candace said said on the other end.

"Hey, Candy, I'm gonna have to call you back.. I-I got to do a sound check." He stuttered feeling her hot breathe and Vixen's glare on him.

"Oh, yea- ok. Well I-I'll call you later.." She sighed.

"What do you want ?" He asked.

"It's fine. I'll call you later.." She sighed.

"Uh- ok. Hey you gonna watch me tonight ?" He asked.

"What do you think ?" Stacy said in the background.

Cain laughed. "Ok, I'll talk to y'all later. Bye guys."

"Bye." Candace hung the phone up.

The line went dead.

Cain sighed. "I don't understand her..."

"Yea, Cain- you sure know how to pick them." Vixen said sarcastically.

"Hey- watch it." Cain laughed.

"Fine, it's your life, besides the more your name gets run the more your price goes up. Which means the dollar signs on my check increase." She smerked.

"Very funny." Cain rolled his eyes.

Chapter 5: The Okie Two

"Hey, Phin." Nan said taking a drink of apple juice. "Sure Is cold ain't it ?" She said in her thick Okie accent.

"Hey, Nan, what are you doing here ?" He asked. "I thought you and Tarah didn't like coffee."

"No, but we do like body heat... It's too danged cold, it reminds me of home." She said.

"Oh, ok." Phineas said.

Phineas went and ordered two coffee's And went and sat down. "At least this is warm."

"Not for long." Tarah said trying to feel the little warmth left in her hot chocolate. "Danged thing."

"Why don't you ask them to warm it up ?" Ferb asked.

"Eh." Tarah grunted.


The door opened with the force of the north wind. Isabella quickly stepped through.

"Hey, Phineas." She said with a cough.

"Still sick, Izzy ?" Phineas asked.

"Yea." She sneezed.

"You going to School ?" Phineas asked.

"Yea. But just 1st hour cuz I ghot togh go too the docktorgh." She blew her nose.

"Phin, we better be getting gone." Ferb said hitting his watch.

"Ok, Ferb." Phineas turned to Isabella and smiled. "Hope you get better. He gave her a slight-hug.

Isabella sighed. Then started to sneeze.

Phineas let go. "Wanna walk with us, The Okie two ?" He joked.

"Very funny Phin." Nan laughed. "I still like those nicknames."

"The Okie two.." Tarah rolled her eyes. "How original. Twins from Oklahoma hence- The Okie Two.." She fake laughed.

"Oh, hush." Nan glared at her.

Chapter 6: Power out

Later that night at the Flynn-Fletchers...

"Mom ! Mom ! It's time ! Chang it !" Candace yelled waving her arms around.

"Candace- Candace ! Calm down !" Linda said grabbing the remote.

"Jeez, Candace, Cain isnt the first singer anyway ! What's the rush ?"

"Quiet Phineas !" She hissed sitting down next to him.

Phineas shut his mouth.

They watched as Country stars, and other people Got up and did their things.

Then finally Cain came on. Be was sitting on stool holding a acoustic guitar. He nervously laughed into the microphones. "Heh- How y'all tonight ?"

The crowd cheered.

"Y'all ready for some Christmas country style ?" He yelled.

More cheering, and Candace's famous giggle.

"Ok then !" He started to play.

♫ The snow is falling It's Christmas Eve
Presents are wrapped Under the tree
Is there one for me? ♫

♫ I only want you for Christmas, baby
I don't need nothing else
I only want you for Christmas, baby Tie a ribbon 'round yourself
Oh, tie a ribbon 'round yourself ♫

Z-Z-ZP !

The lights went out.

"Nah-nahoooo ! Candace cried.

"I guess that snow storm is coming !" Phineas yelled exitedly.

"Ok, boy's. Lets get the flashlights." Lawrence said shining his Phone's light.

"M-my Cain !" Candace wined.

"I remember when it was 'My Jeremy !'" Phineas said walking into the kitchen.

Chapter 7: You made it !

5 days later....

"Candace, wake up !" Phineas Shook her. "You promised me you'd take me when you go shopping today." 

Candace moaned. "What time is it ?" 

"8:30." Phineas replied.

"Ok. Give me 30 minutes." She covered her head with the pillow.

"Ok." Phineas walked out if her room.

Candace moaned and Started to get ready.

35 minutes later, Candace walked down stares.

"Morning, hon." Linda greeted.

Candace yawned. "Morning Mom."

"Ready to shop ?" Phineas asked.

"Yea, I'm gonna eat something first."

"No ! Come on !" Phineas asked.

"No." Candace replied setting down with her cereal.

"Aww, come on, Candy.." A voice said behind her.

"I said-" She shot up from her cereal bowl. "Wait a minute !" She turned around. 

Cain stood at the door way. He looked like he had been on a plain for a few hours and hadn't shaved in a week or two. 

"Cain !" Candace shot up and ran to him and kissed him. "You made it for Christmas !" She kissed him again.

"I told you I would !" He laughed.

"Sappy." Phineas whispered to Ferb.

Chapter 8: To The Mall !

"Well, Ferb, I guess we're on our own for shopping." Phineas sighed.

Ferb nodded. "Ask the 'Okie two'." He lauged.

"We'll go by their house." Phineas replied. 

Phineas walked to the door and was about to open it. "Mom ! We're leaving for the mall !" He yelled.

"Ok hon !" Linda yelled from the living room.

"Bye !" Him and Ferb slammed the door.

Phineas walked out the door with Ferb behind him. 

They walk about a block till they got to Nan and Tarah's house. 

"Hey guys !" Nan greeted from her porch.

"Hey, where's Tarah ?" Ferb asked. 

"She's inside." 

"Oh, well y'all want to go to the mall with us ?" Phineas asked.

"Sure. We'll be out in a minute." She opened the door and started to walk in. "Hey, Tarah !" She yelled as the Door shut behind her.

They waited till they both came out. 

"Ok, we're ready !" They jumped off the porch.

"Let's go !" Phineas, Ferb, Nan, and Tarah rushed off.

Across the street Isabella stood watching from her window.

Chapter 9: All I want for Christmas is a box of tissues

Isabella sneezed and then sighed. "Och, Pineas Ifz you couldz onleh see how I feels agh-bout Yiu !"

She broke into song as best as she could.

♫ I don't want a lot fugh Chrisssmas There tis just one thing I need I don't care about the presents underkeith de Christmas three  ♫

She sneezed.

♫ I dust want you foy my own More dan (cough sneeze)youz cold ever now Make ma wish come twew All I want for Christmas Es yough♫

She went into a fit of sneezing.

"Foghetit !" She coughed and fell onto her pillow. "ach I wan fwor chrissas tis som tissues.."

She grunted.

Chapter 10: Are you calling me fat ?

Candace slipped on her winter boots and walked over to Cain who was on her bed Mumbling Something in his sleep. 

"Hey, Cain wake up." She shook him. 

"heh ?" He grunted.  

"Come on, Cain. Let's go shopping !" She smiled.

"How long have I been asleep ?" He yawned. 

"Oh, 45 minutes." She guessed.

"What are you doing in here ? I thought your mom wouldn't let you come in here while I was in here." He grunted still half asleep.

"Im getting my boots on- but I have to leave the door open." She rolled her eyes.

"Eh, she don't trust me." He smiled his face still planted to the pillow.

Candace nodded. "Ok, get up. Lazy !" She trie to yank him up but he was too heavy. "Jeez, how Much do you weigh ?"

"185." He replied still laying down. 

"You need to lose some !" She jerked back again. 

"Are you calling me fat ?" He asked.

"Yes." She jerked back but went flying back after she lost her grip.


 "Agh !" She said hitting the floor.

Cain laughed and stood over her. That's what you get !"

"Just help me up !" 

He helped he up. "Come on Candy, if you wanna go." He kissed her.

"Put your hat on." Candace smiled. "Don't want anyone recognizing you." She chuckled. 

"I got this." He laughed. 

"Sure.". Candace laughed.

Chapter 11: That ain't food !

"So, where to first ?" Phineas asked looking at the map of the mall. "Maybe the sports shop ?" 

"We need to buy our brothers and cousins something for Christmas. Which joint here sells the cheapest toys ?" Nan asked.

"Har-D-Har." Phineas replied.

"It's right next to Slushy Dawg." Ferb added. 

"Come on. I got a lotta do and a short time to do it." Tarah said dragging Ferb off. 

Phineas and Nan followed.

"Hey, I'm hungry." Nan said nudging Phineas's shoulder.

"Well were going to the food court. We can pick something up at slushy dawg." Phineas replied.

"Ew." Tarah said sticking her tough halfway out. "That aint food !" 

"Well, what do you suggest ?" Phineas asked. 

"I say we finish getting toys. Head to the main entrance, and eat at that new Mexican place." Tarah said in a half-demanding voice.

"Good point." Phineas rubbled his chin (the little That he had). "Let's do that." 

"And you two rich boys pay." Nan joked. "Considering you helped perfect Dr.Pepper, I'm Guessing you got some decent pay."

The boys chuckled. 

"Yea. Lunch is on us." Ferb smiled.

"Ok, let's get a move on." Nan said pulling on her twin's arm.

"Yea." Tarah replied yanking Nan off.

Chapter 12: Presents

"Cain, you need to shave." Candace said yanking a hair off his chin.

"Ow !" Cain said rubbing his chin.

"Jeez, Cain, your 21 years old and you grow hair faster than Bigfoot !" She said pulling another one out.


"Hey ! That hurts !" Cain slapped her hand away. 

"Cain, you need to shave." 

"I ain't !" Cain said putting on his coat. "Now if your going to the mall, I suggest you Get moving." 

Candace shot a steely gaze at Cain.

Cain's serous look faded. "I-I'll do it when We get back." He tried smile.

"That's what I thought." Candace walked out.

Cain sighed. "Well... Hey !Wait a minute ! Ugh ! She did it again !" He grunted. "She tricked me into doing something again..." 

Cain walked out to the car and jumped in.

"So, to the mall ?" He asked.

Candace nodded reading a magazine. 

Cain started to drive off, she was eyeballing some necklaces and earrings, among other things.

Cain was at a stop light and seen her looking at a ring. 

She sighed and kept gazing at it. 

He smiled. That's what he could buy her ! He was thinking of buying her a car, but the ring would be a lot cheaper. 

He kept driving. 

"Hey, Uh- Candy, what you want for Christmas ?" He asked.

Candace shut the magazine. "Uh.. I don't know." She looked at him. "Get me what you think I'd like."

Translation: "Get me something, nice and expensive." Cain thought.

"Ok. Then." He smiled.

"What do you want ?" Candace asked. 

"Oh, a bushel basket full of $100 dollar bills." He laughed.

"In my price range.." She rolled her eyes. "Like, dollar store price range..." She joked.

"I need, some guitar strings, and picks." He replied. "And some good luck, to win again this year." He smiled.

Translation: "I don't care, I could by the moon if I wanted too." Candace thought.

"Really ?" She asked. 

"I'm telling the gospel truth." He said in a serous tone. 

"Ok, then." Candace replied. Shopping for Cain is a lot more difficult than buying for Jeremy. What do you buy a guy who makes 10 Million a year ? She thought. This was tougher than she thought.

Chapter 13:Run, Run, Rudolph

Phineas dragged his his shopping bags behind him. "Ugh ! So much shopping !" He drug it to the curb. "Hey, Ferb, where are those floaters we made ?" 

Ferb rook the device out of his pocket. It was a square chip looking thing. Ferb turned it on and held it about 12 feet off the ground then let it go. It floated and a blue square light glowed horizontal like a platform. He touched a corner and stretched it to about 4ft by 6ft then let it go. 

Nan and Tarah gazed in aw. "Wow." They both said at the same time.

"Just place the bags on them and it'll carry them !" Phineas said.

Ferb placed all the bags on it.

"Ready ?" Ferb asked. 

"Hey, remember those shoes you made that could make you float and make you go real fast ?" Nan asked. 

"Yea. You wearing them ?" Phineas asked.

"Yea." Tarah picked up her boot. "Ferb made our boots like that way." She said with a smile.

"Me and Ferb are wearing the shoes. Wanna travel in stile ?" Phineas asked.

"Heck yea." Nan said. She leaned down and on the bottom of her sole she cliched them on and she started to float. 

The rest did the same. They floated off, the floater with the bags followed. 

Soon they were going faster than some cars. 

Phineas broke into song. Nan, Ferb, and Tarah sang background.

♫Out of all the reindeers, you know you're the mastermind Run, run, rudolph, Randolph ain't too far behind Run, run rudolph, santa's got to make it to town Santa, make him hurry, tell him he can take the freeway down (Run, Rudolph, Run, Run Rudolph)  Run, run, rudolph, 'cause i'm reelin' like a merry-go-round (Run Rudolph, Run, Run Rudolph) Said santa to a boy child, "what have you been longing for? " "all i want for christmas is a rock and roll electric guitar. " And then away went rudolph, whizzin' like a shootin' star Run, run rudolph, santa's got to make it to town (Run Rudolph, Run, Run Rudolph) Santa, make him hurry, tell him he can take the freeway down (Run Rudolph, Run, Run Rudolph) Run, run, rudolph, 'cause i'm reelin' like a merry-go-round (Run Rudolph, Run, Run Rudolph) Said santa to a girl child, "what would you like most to get? " "a new baby doll that can crawl, sleep, drink, and wet. " And then away went rudolph, whizzin' like a saber jet Run, run, rudolph, santa's gotta make it to town (Run Rudolph, Run, Run Rudolph) Santa, make him hurry tell him he can take the freeway down (Run Rudolph, Run, Run Rudolph) Run, run, rudolph, cause i'm reelin' like a merry-go-round Run, run, rudolph.. , Randolph ain't to far behind ! ♫ 

Chapter 14: The pack mule and the escalator

Candace and Cain walked through the mall, Cain loaded down with bags of stuff,and Candace not carrying anything.

"Hey, Cain ! Let's go to the food court and see, Jeremy." She suggested. 

"What ever it takes to give me a chance to sit down and take a break !" He grunted.

"Stop being a whine bag !" Candace said tooling her eyes.

"I am not !" He grunted.

"Cowboy up, and get a move on !" She dragged him off.

"Oh, ha, ha ! Very funny. I get it. Your such a comedian.." He groaned.

Candace continued to drag him till they got to the escalator. 

"We're going down." She said.

"No dip." Cain replied.

Candace elbowed him.

Candace stepped onto the escalator.

Cain stumbled with the bags and boxes. "A little help ?" He asked.

Candace grabbed the smallest bag. "There."

Cain stepped on the escalator. He began to lose his balance. 

"Candace ! Hel- Gah !" He yelled tumbling down with the bags.

"Cain !" Candace yelled.

The bags flew like birds taking flight.

Cain hit Candace at full speed. They rolled down the escalator. Candace hit the bottom and stopped. Cain flew over her like a rocket.


He hit the tile.

"It-Won't-Stop-Move-ing !!" Candace said trying to stand up.

Cain stood up and rubbed his head. "Jeez... That hurt."

He opened his eyes and It was all wrong. His eyes were crossed.  He shoot the rocks out of his head. "That's better."  

He walked over to the escalator. And yanked Candace off and stood her up. "This is why, you take more than one bag.." He let go of her arm. 

Candace blinked and looked at him. "What just happened ?"

Cain rolled his eyes. "You'll remember tonight.." 

Candace uncrossed her eyes.

Chapter 15: Are you challenging me ?

"Cain, were we going to Slushy Dawg ?" Candace asked.


"Ok. I'll go- while you go pick up the presents."

"Wh- really !?"He stuttered.

"Yes." She replied.


Candace turned and walked to Slushy Dawg. 

"Hey, Jeremy !" Candace greeted.

"Hey, Candace." Jeremy greeted back.

"Working hard I see." 

"Yep." He nodded.

"When do you get off ?" She asked.

"In an hour. Hey, wanna go get something to-" 

"Hey, Cuz. Working I see." Cain interrupted. 

"Oh... Hey Cain.. What are you doing ?" He grunted. 

"I came down for Christmas. Thought I'd spend time with this side of the family.." Cain said sarcastically.    "...Awesome." Jeremy moaned. "Just great.."

There was a awkward moment of silence. 

"Hey, Candace !" A familiar girl voice yelled. 

Candace turned around. Stacy was waving at her. Albert stood next to her fumbling with bags.

"Hey Stacy !" Candace turned to Cain and Jeremy. "I'm going to talk. I'll be back."

Cain and Jeremy watched Candace walking away. They smiled. When Candace was far enough not to hear. Cain turned and shot a steely glare at Jeremy. Jeremy shot one back.

"So... What have you been up to lately ?" Cain asked not taking his eyes off his cousin.

"Nothing much... What about you ?" Jeremy asked.

"Oh, you know... Stuff." 

"Right." Jeremy glared. 

They got in each others faces. 

"Tell me what's really going on !" Cain yelled-whispered.

"You tell me you guitar picking, Girlfriend stealing, Redneck !" Jeremy replied.

"Your one to talk !" Cain squinted. "I know what your trying to do."

"And what is that ?" Jeremy Asked.

"Trying to get her back." Cain replied.

"Well, it is Christmas, it is the season of miracles." Jeremy smiled. 

There was a moment of silence.

"So, what are you getting her for Christmas ?" Jeremy asked.

"Something.." Cain replied.

"Same here." Jeremy replied.

There was a moment of silence. 

"I bet I can get something better." Cain mocked.

"Is that a challenge ?" Jeremy asked.

"Yes, yes, it is." Cain replied.

"Your on blond wad !" Cain replied.

"Uh. Cain ? Jeremy ?" Candace asked.

They turned to Candace. 

"Uh, hey- Candace ?" Cain and Jeremy said nervously.

"Ok... Well. Jeremy, I'll- Uh, see you... Later. I guess.... Come on Cain.." Candace said. 

Candace started to walk off. 

Cain walked not too far behind. He turned around and shot a glare at Jeremy, then kept walking.

Chapter 16: You have no idea...

"So, what are y'all doing for Christmas ?" Nan asked.

"Oh, just spending time at home. Grandpa and Grandma are coming from England." Ferb replied.

"Are you going back home ?" Phineas asked. 

"No, not this year.." Nan sighed. "Dad ain't got the money." 

"Oh, not like it's a very good Christmas !" Tarah said caring a handful of raw cookie dough.

She popped some in her mouth. "All 13 of our cousins. And we're stuck with the dirty work of takin' care of em' because we're the oldest." 

"Oh, come on, Tarah !" Nan yelled.

"In fact I got a song that will explain it !" Tarah replied.

From out of no were the lights went out and a spotlight was on her. She started to sing.

♫ It’s that time of year

When we all get together

And afterwards we wonder why

‘Cause the later it gets

The more rude we get

Someone always ends up in a 

fight or peeling out of the drive

Well you’d think that a family

Could try to get along

At least this one day here

But the fact is we can’t,

We never will

So keep the smartelic remarks comin' 

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

Be a smartelic and annoy ‘em

I’m usually the one who tries to hold it together,

But someone sucked up all my Christmas cheer

We don’t know any better

Same danged thing, different year

God bless the family, can’t wait ’til the danged things over

So keep the smartelic remarks comin'

  Our aunt got Dad down in a head-lock

 Cousin just got spanked in the hall

Over somethin’ ’bout OU killin' Texas 

And who yelled "Yo Mamma so ugly Santa ran her over"

Well grandma’s-

Nan: Tarah you can't say that word !

Tarah: Fine !

-About men in the kitchen

It’s a good thing my grandpa can't hear

Cuz, James just called his Mamma a heffer

I’ve tried to stay nice but this party ain’t over

So keep the smartelic remarks comin'

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

Be a smartelic and annoy ‘em

I’m usually the one who tries to be nice,

But someone sucked up all my Christmas cheer

We don’t know any better

Same danged thing, different year

God bless the family, can’t wait ’til this danged thing over

So keep the smartelic remarks comin'

We sure as heck don’t know any better

Same danged thing, different danged year

Hallelujah and Merry Christmas and a Danged happy New Year !

And I'll sure as heck keep the smartelic comments comin' !  ♫

Tarah stopped singing.

Phineas and Ferb blinked. 

"Uh- interesting family." Phineas stuttered. 

"You have no idea..." Tatah rolled her eyes.

Chapter 17: IPhone

The next day...

"Ok, I only got 4 more days of Christmas shopping left to buy Candace a awesome Christmas present." Jeremy said taking off his Slushy Dawg hat. "Good thing I get off early today !" 

"Ok, then. I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Jeremy." The manager said.

"Yea. Then I'm off till te 26th right ?" Jeremy asked. 

"That's the plan." The manager replied.

Jeremy gave a thumbs up and walked out. 

He started to think about what to get Candace. "This is harder than I thought.." 

Jeremy kept walking. 

Then something At the apple store caught his eye. 

"Wow." He looked at the phones. "IPhone ! That would be perfect !" He stopped when he seen the price. "Four. Hundred. Dollars ?" His jaw dropped. "How in the heck..." He stopped when a sign caught his eye. 

Enter to win new IPhone ! Drawing being held on December 20th !" 

Jeremy smiled. "Thats it !" He ran into his store and put his name in the drawing.

He walked out the store. "Ok, Cain, try out doing me now !" He smiled. 

"Hey, Jeremy." A voice said behind him. 

"Oh. Hey Cain.." Jeremy said recognizing the voice.

"I see your shopin'.." Said Cain.

"Yea. You too ?" Jeremy asked. 

Cain smiled. "Yea." He turned around. "See ya later." Cain said waving.

"Uh.. Bye ?" Jeremy replied. Funny, they got along pretty well when Candace wasn't near.

Chapter 18: Lost and Found

Cain walked off for about 40 feet and then looked over his shoulder. Jeremy was walking out of the mall. Good. 

Cain kept walking. "Now, what was that store ?" He said digging in his pocket. "Let's see.." He read it. "Oh yea, T.D diamonds.." He kept walking to the map of the mall. 

2nd floor, near the sports store. He read silently.  

He turned and started to walk when something caught his eye. A little girl looking around frantically, not knowing which way to go. 

He looked at her for a few seconds and noticed she was alone. 

She started to cry. 

Cain walked over to her and kneeled down in front of her. 

She stared at him.

"Hey." He said with a smile on his face. "You lost ?" He asked.

"I can't find my Daddy." She sniffled.

"Ok then. What's your name ?" Cain asked.

"Uh.. I can't tell you. Your a stranger.." She replied. 

"Hmm. Smart. That's good." Cain smiled. He looked around. "Let's see.. Where's those mall cops when you need em' ?" He grunted.

The girl giggled. "You sound like a cowboy, and you look like one with your hat."

Cain looked at her and smiled.

"Ok, come with me." He said in his sweetest voice.

She backed off. "Uhh.." 

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you." He replied. 

He offered his hand and she took a hold of it. He walked with her to a snack bar he went to the woman at the counter. "Hey, is there anyway you can get ahold of security or something ? I found this little girl, she said she can't find her dad." Said Cain.

The woman nodded. "Yep, I'll see what I can do. How about have a drink while you wait ?" She asked. 

"Yea. I'll take a Dr. Pepper." Cain looked at the girl. "What do you want ?" He asked.

"Um... Sprite ?" She replied.

Cain Turned to the woman. "Ok, and a sprite." He added.

"Ok, that'll be four dollars." She replied. 

"Here you go." Cain handed her a twenty. 

"Hmm..."She looked at it. "Good thing I got change." She laughed.

Cain chuckled. "Sorry smallest bill I got." 

The woman gave Cain his change. She stared at him. "You look... Familiar.." 

Cain nervously chucked. "Uh.. Yea. I Uh. Get that a lot.." He smiled.

"It's on the tip of my... Oh I got it !" She said snapping her fingers. "Cain ! Cain Johnson !" She smiled. "Your dating that Candace chick in 11th grade !" She stopped. "That means.."

He bit his lip.

"So, your that Cowboy that sings. Not really a country person, but I know some songs." 

Cain let out a sigh. "Good, for a moment I thought-" 

"Cain, dude, there is less than a week for Christmas shopping, they won't notice.. Not in Danville at least." 

Cain laughed. "Yea.. When I met Candace, she didn't know who I was.." 

"Ok. Ok. Just take a seat somewhere I'll get security.." She said pointing to a bench. 

Cain walked the little girl to the bench. "Ok, we're gonna find your daddy." Cain said setting next to her. "Is your daddy tall ?" He asked. "It may help us find him." 

"Yep. As Tall as you !" She smiled.

"So about.. 6.1 ?" He said to himself.   Suddenly the girl jumped from her seat. "Daddy !" She yelled. 

"Where ?" Cain said looking around. 

She shot up and was about to run, when Cain grabbed her hand. 

"Hey, don't get lost."Cain said. 

Suddenly a tall man with brown hair came running up. He ran up and hugged the little girl. He shot a glare at Cain. "What do you think your doing ?" He barked. "Why did you have my daughter ?!" 

"Dude.. I ain't doing anything." Cain replied.

"Daddy ! He helped me !" The little girl said. 

The man looked at his daughter and looked at Cain. "Oh." He said. "Then, thank you." 

He and Cain stood up. He shook Cain's hand. 

The man didn't look much older than Jeremy. He looked pretty young to have a daughter that was about 5 years old.

"Sorry." The man replied. "It's hard to tell good people from bad people." 

"Ah, no problem." Cain replied. "My names Cain." 

"I'm James." He replied. 

He picked up the little girl. "And this is Miley." Said James.

Cain smiled, remembering a girl from his past, with the same name. "So, Miley is it ? Nice to hear your name." 

Miley chuckled. "Yep." She looked at her Dad. "Daddy, I'm hungry !" She said pulling at his shirt.

"Ok, hold on Baby Girl." James said fixing his shirt. 

"How about I take you two out ? My treat." Cain suggested. 

"Well, ok. If it's not a bother." James replied. "I don't want us to be a bother." 

"Naw, I got money running out of my ears." Cain laughed.

"You sure ?" James asked again. 

"I'm sure." Cain replied.

"Ok, then. Nothing fancy." James said. "And I help pay." He added.

"How about pizza ?" Cain suggested. "There's a pizza place on the top floor." 

"Ok." James replied.

Chapter 19: Oilfeild

A hour later.

"So, your not from here ?" James asked

"No, my girlfriend and my cousin lives down here. I'm suppose to be shopping for a gift for her." Cain replied.

"Hmm." James said.

"Daddy ? Can I go play the crane game ?" Miley asked. 

James looked at her. "Ok." He handed her some quarters.

She smiled and gave him a hug. "Thank you !" She ran off.

James smiled. "She's gonna make me broke with those crane games.." He laughed. 

Cain laughed.

"Yea, but I don't know were I'd be without her. She gives mea reason not to give up." He sighed.

"How about her Mom ?" Cain asked. "If you Don't mind by me askin'." Cain added.

 James sighed. "Cain, we were both 15.. She.." He took a deep breath. "She... Didn't.."

"Man, sorry about that." Cain replied.

"Her parents wouldn't keep Miley, I couldn't convince them. So, I took her. I finished highschool on the computer at night, in the day I did a 7 hour shift at a shipping plant." He replied. "I Wasn't gonna let my kid go hungry. I did that for 4 years, when I was old enough I quit and went into the Oilfield."

"How old are you now ?" Cain asked. 

"21.." James replied.

"Oh.." Cain replied.

Cain looked at James. They were the same age, but how different there story's were. Cain knew he was lucky. Here he was with a thousand dollars in his pocket, and James breaking his back.

"How much do they make around here ?" Cain asked.

"Oh, I make 14 dollars an hour, but thats because it's kinda slowed down. I'm thinking of moving to Oklahoma, the pay is better down there, it's $21 dollars there." 

"Yea, it's pretty big down there. I'm from the Texas panhandle, and the good news is when the boom is over there's plenty of other things to do." Cain replied.

"Oh, really ?" James asked.

"Yep." Cain answered.

"Cain, thanks for every thing. I gotta go, I gotta go drop Miley at my parents house. I gotta go out on a rig." James said getting up.

Cain stood up and shook his hand. "Ok, Bud, Have a good Christmas." 

"I will." James replied.

"Hey, if you Ever end up near Shamrock or Amarillo, look me up. It's Cain Johnson." Cain added.

"Sure." James said picking up Miley, who had just walked up. 

"Thanks Cain, I'll see ya." James said walking away.

Miley waved goodbye and smiled. "Bye, Cowboy !" 

And with that they were gone.

Chapter 20:

Three days later on December 23rd.. 

"Thanks for helping me finish decorating, Candace." Jeremy said handing a Hammer down to her.

"No problem." Candace replied takin the hammer. "Where does this go ?" She asked.

"Just put it on the porch." He climbed down the ladder. "Let's go in, it's cold." He said picking up the empty box that had the decoration. 

They walked inside and Candace sat on the couch.

"Your parents still shopping ?" Candace asked. 

"Yea." He put the box down. "They called said it'll be another two hours." He smiled. "You thirsty ?" 

"Yes please." She smiled back. 

"Hot chocolate then." He Said.

He walked into the kitchen.

Candace leaned back in her seat,  and grabbed her side. This happens before Christmas of course. She thought. Then she remembered what happened earlier that day.

"Cain, what are you doing ?" She had asked.

"Your brothers Want me to try this sled thing. Hop on." Cain said  jerking her onto the sled.

Suddenly they were sliding down hill.

"PHINEAS !!!" Candace yelled. 

"Heck yea !!! Yeehaw !" Cain yelled. 

You are so busted !!" She yelled.

"Candace watch out !" Cain yelled grabbing her.


The sled had hit a tree. Candace went one way and Cain the other way. Cain hit his leg on the tree. Candace, who wasn't as lucky, hit the tree with her side.

Candace groaned. "Stupid sled." She moaned.

"Here Candace." Jeremy walked in to the room. "Here you go."

Candace sat up. "Thanks." She took a drink. 

Jeremy sat down by her and took a drink of his. He turned his TV on. 

And a snow system will hit Danville, about.. Now. The wether man said.

Suddenly a north wind hit. And the sky stated to spit snow out.

"Wow, that's fast.." Candace said.

"Freaky.." Jeremy added.

"Yes, yes it is." Candace replied.

They sat there for a minute talking. 

"Candace- there's something I Need to tell you.." Jeremy said uncertain what she would say.

She smiled. "What is it ?"

"I'll put it his way..." Jeremy said.

"What-" Candace started but was interrupted by Jeremy's lips.

Candace didn't know what to Do. So she just let him kiss her. She knew what was going on, he wanted her back.

 She pulled back. "Jeremy I got to go.." Candace said. 

"Aw, come on." Jeremy said grabbing her hand.

♫ I really can't stay  Baby, it's cold outside I've got to go away  Baby, it's cold out there This evening has been  Been hoping  That you'd drop in So very nice  I'll hold your hands  They're just like ice

My mother  Will start to worry  Beautiful  What you're hurry And father  Will be  Pacing the floor  Listen  To that fireplace Roar So really  I'd better scurry  Beautiful  Please don't hurry Well, maybe  Just a half  A drink more  Put some records on While i pour

And the neighbors  Might think  Baby  It's bad out there Say  What's in this drink?  No cabs  To be had out there I wish i knew how  Your eyes  Are like starlight now To break the spell  I'll take your hat  Your hair looks swell

I ought to say  No, no, no sir  Mind if i  Mmove in closer? At least i'm gonna say  That i tried  What's the sense of Hurtin' my pride? I really can't stay  Baby don't hold out Baby  But it's cold outside ♫

Candace smiled. "Alright, you win." She laughed.

Candace kissed Jeremy.

Chapter 21: Bark anyone ?

Candace and Jeremy acted as normally as they could after what had happened. 

She left his house and went to hers. She walked through the door.

"Candace, were have you been ?" Linda asked.

"I was helping Jeremy with lights, it stated to snow and we went in." She responded.

Linda nodded and walked into the kitchen.

"Hey, Candy." Cain walked up to her. "Sorry, I didnt get to help." 

"Uh- It's ok. We, Uh- did just fine." She gave a week smile. 

He kissed her. 

The guilt Candace had grew. Oh, Cain. I'm sorry. She thought.

Cain pulled away, and walked to the tree and pulled a box out of his pocket. "This is for later." He winked.

Candace smiled.

"Candace, hand me that ball please ?" Phineas asked pointing at a ball at her feet.

She bent over to get it. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her side. "Ow !!" She grabbed her side and she shot up.

Cain looked at her. "What's wrong ?" He walked over to her and put his hand on hers. 

Phineas and Ferb walked up to her. 

"I'm fine !" She said as another pain shot her. "Oww. Ok ! I'm not fine !" 

"Candace what is going on ?" Linda said walking into the room.

"I don't know." Candace sat down on the couch. 

Linda walked up to her. "What happened ?" 

Candace took a deep breath.

"Me and Cain were messing around-" 

Linda interrupted. "Y'all were doing what ?!" She yelled so Loud that Perry almost stood up.

"No, no ! Not like that !"

"Ok. I was about to-" 

"New subject !!" Phineas yelled.

Linda looked at Candace's side. "Candace, why is there a Piece of bark in your side ?"

"She hit a tree." Ferb answered.

Linda looked at Ferb and Candace like they were crazy.

"Well. I'm not surprised. Hold onto something Candace.." 

"Wh-" Candace started.


"Oooww !" She yelled squeezing Cain's leg. 

"Ow !" Cain said jumping. 

"Feel better ?" Linda said showing her the wood. "You really need to pay attention." Linda walked away.

"It was a- STUPID PEICE OF WOOD ??" Candace yelled waving her arms. "What the heck man !" 

Phineas laughed.

Chapter 22: Party

Christmas eve

Phineas looked at Ferb "Ferb, we need to do something big this Year ! We need.. We need.."

"A party ?" Ferb finished.

"Yes ! Exactly !" Phineas yelled shooting up. "Ferb, call the gang up ! We got a party to plan !"

Ferb gave Phineas a thumb up, and called them.

A hour later, Nan, Tarah, Buford, Baljeet and Isabella were there.

"Hey, guys ! I want to tell you a little plan of mine." Phineas said.

"Let me guess. A Party ?" Isabella finished.

"How did you know ?" Phineas asked.

"Ferb has a Facebook.." Nan replied.

Phineas glared at Ferb. "Ok, then." 

"Anyway..." Nan rolled her eyes.

"Ok people, let's start !" Phineas snapped his fingers.

Within one musical number of 'rocking around the Christmas tree' number they had the whole neighborhood decked with decorations.

"Woa. That was quick." Cain said walking up to them. 

"Hey, Cain." Ferb said.

"Hey." Everyone else said.

"Cain do us a favor.." Phineas asked. 

"Depends." Cain replied.

"You got some music buddies right ?" Phineas asked.


"How about getting them to do a little show for us ?" 

"I'll try." Cain replied.

"Thanks." Phineas turned And went to his friends.

Cain walked inside. "Hey Candace,  I didn't know your brothers are having a party." 

"They are ?" Candace asked. 

"Yea. Well ill be back. Gotta do some- Uh- roundin up.." He walked out the front door. 

Chapter 23:  

Candace sat on the couch looking at a magazine when there was a knock at the door. 

"Mom ! Someones at the door !" She yelled. 

"Candace Flynn ! You get the door !" Linda yelled.

"Fine.." She grunted.

She walked to the door. Vanessa stood at the door.

"Vanessa ?" Candace asked. 

"Uh- Hey. Ferb told me there was a party.. He told be to come here."

"Uh-- I dot really-" Candace started.

"I got this." Ferb said pushing Candace out of the way. "This way, Vanessa." He walk her out.

"Bye, Candace." Vanessa Said. 

"What going.." She looked out the door. "What the heck ! Phineas !"  She yelled.

"Come on Candace !" Cain said behind her.

Cain shoved her coat on her. And yanked her outside.

"Cain what's going on !" She yelled.

"The Party ! And I think you'll like the band !" 

"What ?" 

She looked to a huge stage.

"You- you got Rascal Flatts ?!" Her haw dropped.

"Yep !" Cain smiled. "Oh, and Taylor Swift." 

Candace jump for joy. "THISISTHEBESTCHRISTMASGIFTEVERTHANKYOUTHANKYOUCAIN !!" She jump up and down again waving her arms.

"Hey, Candace !" Jeremy yelled running up. "Nice party."

"It's all because of Cain !" Candace hugged him.

"It was her brothers.." Cain replied.

"I knew that !" Jeremy said.

Suddenly everyone started to scream. They turned to the stage. 

"Y'all ready to rock this Christmas eve ?" Gary (the lead singer) yelled. 

"I'll be Back Candace !" Cain ran off into the crowed.

Jeremy smiled. "Candace, about the other day... I'm sorry. I should know better."

"It's fine." Candace hugged him. "Merry Christmas." 

He kissed her cheek. "Merry Christmas, Candy-cane." 

She smiled and walked away. 

Jeremy watched her walk Away. 

"Jeremy were is Candace ?" Stacy said walking up from behind him. 

"She went that way." He pointed were she went.

"Thanks. Oh, and someone should write a story about y'alls little triangle." She walked off.

"You need to stop watching that movie.." Jeremy groaned.

"Your right ! She needs too !" Albert said.

"Your one to talk.." Jeremy replied. 

"Hey, dragons are awesome !" He Said. 

"Albert, how did you get Stacy in the first place ?"Jeremy asked.

"I ask the same thing every time I look at her." Albert replied. "Now if you excuse me." He walked off.

Jeremy turned to the stage. 

"One. One two three !" Gary 

♫ Ohhh Yeah

Jingle bell jingle bell Jingle bell rock Jingle bell swing and jingle bells ring

Snowin' and blowin' up bushels of fun Now the jingle hop has begun

Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time Dancin' and prancin' in jingle bell square In the frosty air

Oh the bright time it's the right time To rock the night away Jingle bell time is a swell time To go a'ridin' in a one horse sleigh

Giddy up jingle horse pick up your feet Jingle around the clock Mix and a mingle with the jingling beat That's the jingle bell rock

Yeahhhhh Ohhhhh

(Ohh bop) (Ohh bop) (Dance the night away)

(Ohh bop) (Ohh bop)

(Ahh Ahhh)

Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time Dancin' and prancin' in jingle bell square In the frosty air

Ohh a bright time is the right time to rock The night away Jingle bell time is a swell time To go a'ridin' in a one horse sleigh

Giddy up jingle horse pick up your feet Jingle around the clock Mix and a mingle with the jingling beat

That's the jingle bell that's the jingle bell That's the jingle bell rockkkkk!

Sure is ohhhh! ♫  

The song ended and everyone cheered. 

"Thank you !" Gary yelled. "Now, here comes one of my buddies, ladies and Gentleman, Cain Johnson !"

People cheered.

Cain came up on stage singing playing a electric guitar.

♫ Out of all the reindeers You know you're the mastermind Run run Rudolph Randolph ain't too far behind ♫

Then Phineas ran up on stage with Ferb. Phi eas sang the next verse

♫ Run run Rudolph Santa's got to make it to town Santa make him hurry Tell him he can take the freeway down Run run Rudolph 'Cause I'm reelin' like a merry go round ♫

Phineas stopped and Cain started to sing.

♫ Said Santa to a boy Child what have you been longing for All I want for Christmas is a Rock and roll electric guitar ♫

 ♫And then away went Rudolph Whizzin' like a shootin' star  Out of all the reindeers You know you're the mastermind Run run Rudolph Randolph ain't too far behind

Run run Rudolph Santa's got to make it to town Santa make him hurry Tell him he can take the freeway down Run run Rudolph 'Cause I'm reelin' like a merry go round

Said Santa to a boy Child what have you been longing for All I want for Christmas is a Rock and roll electric guitar And then away went Rudolph Whizzin' like a shootin' star

Run run Rudolph Santa's got to make it to town Santa make him hurry Tell him he can take the freeway down Run run Rudolph 'Cause I'm reelin' like a merry go round Run like it's stolen

Said Santa to a girl Child what would please you most to get A little baby doll that can cry, sleep, drink, and wet And then away went Rudolph Whizzin' like a saber jet

Run run Rudolph Santa's got to make it to town Santa make him hurry Tell him he can take the freeway down Run run Rudolph 'Cause I'm reelin' like a merry go round

Run run Rudolph (Run run Rudolph) Run run Rudolph Run run run Rudolph (Run run Rudolph) Run run Run run run Rudolph (Run run run Rudolph) ♫

"Merry Christmas everybody !" Cain and Jeremy yelled at the crowed.

Chapter 24: It's just a present !

Cain woke to the sound of Phineas and Ferb running down the stares.

"I'm gonna get there first !" Phineas yelled.

He laid there for a second when Candace shook him awake. "Come on Cain. It's Cristmas." She smiled and laid next to him.

Cain smiled. "Better get up your mom might see us." 

"Then get up." She said sitting up.

Cain sat up. "I'll be down in a second." 

"See you." She walked down stares.

Cain got up and got ready. 

He walked down stares. 

"Merry Christmas, Cain." Lawrence greeted.

"You too, sir." Cain replied.

Lawrence nodded. 

They ate breakfast and soon headed to open presents. Phineas picked up his present. 

"I'm first !" He yelled pulling the rapper.

He pulled out a model making set. He gasped. "Finally !" He yelled with excitement. "I can make models without making them life sized.

Ferb pulled his present. A tool set. He smiled and gave a thumbs up. "Thank you." 

Linda, got some pampered chef pots.

Lawrence got a clock to add to his collection. 

They kept opening presents. 

"Well that's all of it." Phineas said. "Now, who's gonna clean this up ?" He looked at Candace. 

"I did it last year.." She replied.

Phineas looked at Ferb who gave a thumbs up.

"Ok, guys. Y'all go mess with your stuff I'll be cooking." Linda said walking into the kitchen.

"Come on guys ! It snowing !" Phineas yelled !" 

Phineas ran outside.

Candace and Cain walked out. 

"Merry Christmas." Cain smiled.

"You too." Candace kissed his cheek.

They kept walking on the snow.  "Cain, the other day at Jeremy's house.." Candace started.

"I know." Cain replied. "I knew y'all would.." 

Candace's face turned pale. "I. I-" 

"It's over.. Just don't do it again.." Cain replied not even looking at her. His voice seemed as icy as the wind.

Candace turned. "Cain, it's just that... I'm son confused." 

"Eh." Cain replied. "I forgive you. "

They kept walking. Suddenly-


There was a patch of ice and they slipped. Candace hit first and Cain second. Cain Fell on her. 

Cain sat up. 

"Candace ?" Cain  Asked.

"What ?" She replied.

Cain pulled her present from his pocket. "Merry Christmas." He opened the box.

Candace's jaw dropped. A ring, the exact one in her magazine.

Linda, who had been watching from the kitchen window seen Cain take the ring out. She ran to the door.

"Merry Christmas."  Cain said kissing her.

"Don't do it !" Linda yelled busting out the door.

Cain and Candace stopped and turned to Linda who was waving her arms. 

"Candace ! Don't do it ! Your too young ! You got too much to live for !" She yelled.

"Mom ! It's a Christmas present ! Geez !" Candace yelled. 

"Oh.. Uh. Carry on.." Linda walked into the house looking at them.

Cain chuckled. "If I did ask what would you say ?" Cain asked.

She kissed him. She didn't answer, and to this day she hasn't answered. 

They stopped and They stood up. 

Chapter 25: The last chapter, you can all go read something else now..

That night, the gang came to give there gifts. 

"Thanks !" Phineas said to them.

"No problem." They responded. 

"Guys ! Dinner !" Linda yelled. 

They ran over. Ferb and Isabella came walking into the door way. Everyone fell quiet.

"What ?" Ferb asked. He looked up.

One word. Mistletoe. 

Ferb's eyes grew big he looked at it.

He looked at Isabella who had the same expression. 

He look at his friends.

Then back to Isabella.


Ferb ran away yelling something.

Isabella ran the opposite way yelling. "NOOOOOO !!"

"Wow..." Nan said.

"Yea." Tarah replied.

"Can we eat already ?" Buford asked.

"Oh, you poor thing. Your hungry !" Tarah started to laugh

His face turned red.

"Ok, time to eat." Linda said.

They sat down.

Candace was about to sit down when there was a knock.

"I'll get it." She said walking to the door.

She opened the door. Jeremy stood there. 

"Jeremy !" She said.

"I got you a present." He said. He handed her the box.

She opened it. And there it was. A new IPhone 3GS. 

"How did !" She paused.

"I had entered a contest to win it, I lost. But, I got Cain to sign a guitar and I sold It on EBay." He laughed. "And I got plenty to spare." 

"Aww. Thank you !" She hugged him.

"Oh, and, since I got enough cash left over. I'm paying the phone bill." He said. 

"Uh... Ok ?" She said. 

"Merry Christmas ! I'll see ya later." Jeremy said.

"By !" Candace yelled. She shut the door.

She walked to the table and sat down by Cain.

"Who was it ?" Linda asked.

"Jeremy. He gave me a present." Candace responded. 

"What he get ?" Cain asked.

"IPhone." She responded.

"You lucky dog !" Phineas said.

"Or lucky platypus." Ferb replied walking into the room.

"Where is Perry ?" Nan asked.

"Oh there he is." Cain said pointing under the table."

"Grgrgrgrg.." Perry Chattered.

And that's the story...

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