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Note: This fan fic is not yet ready for read. Major changes changes to sentences are yet to be made.''

Phineas and Ferb: The 1st Return is a sequel to Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension.


"Our life is a delicious muffin, waiting to be snatched by someone else."

Carl, the ex-member of L.O.V.E M.U.F.F.I.N kills every member of the organization in order to have a entire Tri-State Area to himself. Candace Flynn Fletcher, leader of the Resistance, is captured by Carl. Carl gives strict orders to her to kidnap several children so they can be trained to be a army of his otherwise. And in he states that if she refuses, he will kill her brothers. Candace, only wanting her brothers to have freedom, does Carl's bidding.

Soon, Carl has a army of physically trained slaves doing his bidding and nearly everyone else becomes a regular slave of his.

Meanwhile in another dimension, two brothers prepare for their first day of school. Little do they know they're the only hope of one dimension that lies in the hands of a nerdy dictator.


"Well that was completely out of character "-Ferb

It was a blissful, frigid day. Regardless, the traffic was how it was nearly every day. Yet meanwhile, a group of cold blooded scientists lied in the warm of their headquarters

Inside the scientist's home itself were eager middle aged scientists. One scientist, walking down his hall had perspiration running down his calm expression.

This scientist went by the name Rodney. As he came to the entrance door, it automatically opened.

He waved his hand. "Greetings assistants, your leader is here."

No one answered. Thus, Rodney rolled his eyes.

Each scientist were all in their own stir. They all were doing the final touches to their deadly inator; The Boom-inator.

The inator itself was meant to destroy all of Danville, except their headquarters. Rodney grinned at the thought of the entire Tri-State area exploding in a single moment. As absurd as he knew the idea was, he loved it. From a young age, he loved explosions. He grew up watching ton of action films where explosions were almost the protagonist.

His desk was entirely messy. He never bothered to keep it clean, but that wasn't important to him. At this moment, he was about to change the course of the status quo.

Rodney's skin tingled with excitement as he sat down at his desk. His big project was yet to be made during this dark night. All that he had to do was program the final things to the inator through his laptop. He opened the laptop, turned it on and after the screen loaded, he prepared to type.

Then he heard footsteps and the sound of wheels. His eyes shifted to the right; Carl. He came with a mop in a bucket with wheels in his hand.

"Carl!" Rodney emedietely stood up. "This entire desk of mine is a mess! Clean it at once!"

"Y-yes sir." Carl replied diligently, yet at the same time nervous to his master.

"Never mind!" He yelled. "Your low intellect will rob off on it!"

The scientists laughed.

"Continue your job, faithful soldier." Rodney smiled.

Carl returned to where he was heading. But right then Rodney shoved his foot into Carl's back and he collapsed.

Rodney began laughing. Thus, laughter roared with him.

Carl got up, dusted his clothing and continued to where he was heading.

He was pushed again.

Rodney laughed hard then before, thus everyone else's laughter went higher.

"Oh, this isn't funny." Rodney laughed. "Yet why does it make me laugh?"

Carl got up. He now was on the verge of tears.

"Clean you nasty pile of nerdville!"

Carl then began mopping, since he was on the spot he was heading to. Carl tried to hold back tears. He could leave at any second of this day. But he stayed for a reason.

Rodney returned to his desk. As he was yet to type, he heard the sound of foot steps. His eyes shifted to the right and he saw Carl, heading off to the exit. He flew himself up from his seat, marched to the boy and grabbed him by his neck.

"Tell me you incomplete fool," Rodney spoke softly in a dark tone. "Why you've taken a liking to exiting?"

"That was the only spot that needed cleaning." Carl coughed.

Rodney choked him longer, before flinging him onto the floor.

The scientists this time didn't laugh. Rodney's fierce voice spoke well enough that no one else should be amused. However, one scientist began chuckling.

"Can it Doctor Chickinic!" Rodney yelled to the amused worker.

He laughed even harder.

Rodney took out a pen from his pocket. He then ran to his desk and took a paper and wrote on it. Then he stormed over to Chickinc and handed the paper to him.

"What is this?" Chickinic asked?

"Your reassignment sheet."

"But I never resigned."

"You have now!"

Chickinic groaned and began walking out. Yet on his third step, the tile he stood on disappeared and nothing but a dark black emptiness lied below. He fell and screamed in horror.

At that moment, Carl remembered what would happen to him if he chose not to be of service to Rodney. He didn't want that to happen. He wanted to live. Tears began to approach Carl's cheeks, thus, he quickly fled to avoid anyone seeing. He ran to the exit and as it opened, he ran in. Sobbing then occur.

Rodney then examined what the scientists were doing, asked a few questions then approached his desk. As he sat down, he smirked a smile. In a mere manners of minutes, his project would be complete. He then began to at last type on his laptop.

He heard footsteps.

Abruptly, the scientist shifted his eyes to the right. Rumbling occur. The lights flickered on and off. Several Scientists then began complaining of their computers having shut off. Rodney looked at his computer; it was on. He dared not to type. Fear tingled inside him. He glared at his laptop, waiting to see if it would shut off. He heard more scientists complaining of the same thing. He glared even longer at the Windows 8000 screen. Feeling insecure, he flung himself up from the seat. But it was too late. The computer made a grand flash of colors before his eyes and Rodney fell down.

Not dead, he picked himself up from the ground. To his horror, he could not see. He tried to feel around himself in the lab, calling out for help from his scientists. One hand grabbed each of his arm.

"Who are you people?!" Rodney yelled.

"It's Fuddle and Piddle." Fuddle's voice spoke.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir!" Piddle replied.

"Ok, guide me out of here." Rodney exclaimed. "I've lost my sight."

"Oh, let's not assume such things."

"It's pitch black dude!"

"Well, let's still not assume such things."

As they walked towards the exit, all seemed peaceful. But Rodney didn't want to assume so. He wanted to believe it was just a power out, but what happened to his computer spoke something else.

"Alright, sir, as soon as we go out this exit we'll get your eye-fixer-inator."

The sound of the door opened. The footsteps of his servants stopped.


"You've been a annoyance doctor." A deep voice spoke.

Rodney, assuming these were the voices of his scientists, replied. "Just get me out of here Fuddle and Piddle or I'll-"

But right then, Rodney felt a fist smash onto his stomach. In that same punch, he felt as if he was flying across the room. He felt a bang of hard metal. At that moment, his heart gave out just as he heard the sound of screaming.

Chapter 1: Butter and Salt

"And Action!"-Phineas

Bing Bing

The sound of the alarm went off. Triangled headed kid Phineas Flynn Fletcher sprung from his bed. He then in one leap jumped over to his brother's bed, waking him up.

"Ferb-meister, guess what day it is?"

Ferb's eyes rolled to the calendar pinned against the wall next to his bed. He jumped in excitement and ran to the bathroom.

In seconds, Ferb appeared fully dressed in a tuxedo with cotton candy on it.

"Okay, two things." Phineas said. "Wrong outfit and there's cotton candy on that."

Ferb shrugged, took a bite from the cotton candy and ran back in the bathroom to change.


Phineas and Ferb ran as fast as they could down the stairs. In a quick moment, Phineas and Ferb slid across into the kitceh and opened their mouths. In that moment, a robotic hand rose from the kitchen cabinet and grabbed a carton of milk and box of their favorite cereal from the fridge. The hand poured a fair amount of cereal into their mouths, before letting milk run down into each of their throats. They swallowed the meal.

"Thanks Mom!" Phineas said cheerfully to Linda.

"You're welcome," Linda replied, her head in a newspaper. "Boys these days, thank you for doing nothing."

Of course, Phineas had remembered when she asked Mom to buy a new box of cereal and milk carton.

They rushed to the door in gleaming excitement. They then took their backpacks off the hanger. Hope of such fun roared inside themselves. But then, the door slammed open. At the door, Candace stood.

"I'm taking you to school today." Candace stated firmly.

Phineas and Ferb paused, then smiled. "Okay!"

  • While walking to school*

Phineas began speaking to his brother excitingly as they walked to their school. "Imagine it Ferb, this will be the greatest day ever. We'll have the biggest attraction for the entire school!"

As they reached a stop sign, a bus stopped before them. As the door flung open, Candace cemented her vicious eyes on the driver. The driver gulped before emediately driving off.

"So you have the blueprints, right Ferb?" Phineas asked.

Ferb pulled out the blueprint from his pocket.

"Awesome." He expressed cheerfully. "All we have to do is start right after the first class."

Candace kept a firm expression.

*At School*

They entered the front yard of the school. Their big eyes sought on seeing big plans unfold. Phineas jumped in front of the door.

"Shall you do the honors Ferb?" Phineas grinned.

Ferb pulled the door, waiting to see a school packed with children. Yet for some reason, no one was there.

Phineas took it briefly in for a moment, but then said. "Ah, we must be late. Late before eight."

Ferb raised an eyebrow at Phineas.

"I know, school is at six, but I love to make rhymes in times."

Ferb smirked while rolling his eyes.

As they walked to their lockers, they checked to see what was inside; nothing.

"Well that's bizarre." Said Phineas, before locking it shut. "Not only are the halls are empty, but so are our lockers."

Phineas was getting worried. "Maybe a little too early for pearly?"

Candace's expression remained firm.

"Huh, let's check to see the class room."

The boys walked quickly to the class room, since running wasn't allowed regardless of the hour at school.

"Okay, Ferb." He said. "What's your watch say?"

Ferb pressed his watch and automatically, a hologram hovered from it, displaying the time.

"6:30." Phineas said. "Huh, we're on time."

Phineas then knew there was one place they had to check to make sure things were off; the principal's office. They walked, though nervously, to the office. Their mouths dropped.

"Wow, if I had a nickle for every time I never saw the nickle I'd have one nickle." Phineas remarked. "Of course there was that time he left the office to play in-"

Phineas' eyes widened. Ignoring the rules, he quickly ran to his possible last hope. Ferb chased after. Candace walked quickly.

They came to the exit and opened the door quickly. Their mouths dropped.

"Ferb, look!" He exclaimed. "There's our stuff."

Before them, surrounded by many children, was every one of Phineas and Ferb's school gadgets. From the size decreaser to the protein candy maker. But what they had also noticed was something purple peaking from the pile of contraptions. "Ferb?" Phineas nudged his brother.

Ferb pulled from his pocket a small remote with a single button on it. Ferb pressed the button and in a moment, all of the gadgets were pushed aside by a massive purple creature that resembled a octopus. They gazed at the creation they wanted to make; The Octofun.

They had worked on the basic idea for the Octofun since yesterday. It was shaped exactly like a octopus, but had incredibly sticky arms. Those arms then could be wrapped around anyone. Then, with the press of Ferb's remote, it could swing people around in the air.

Arising from the crowd of children, a woman with red hair and fierce eyes stared at the boys.

"You are so grounded!"

"Mom?" Phineas pondered . A hand gently placed on Phineas' shoulder. Phineas looked up and saw a tough pale looking boy looking fiecely down on them.

The pale man said. "We're afraid you have to come with us."

"What's going on?" Phineas asked.

"You and your criminal friends will know soon."

The man then led them out of the school yard and towards a bus. It was no bus like the one Candace scared off. Plus, the driver had a fierce expression. Abruptly, they were led to their seats. As the boys sat down, belts automatically strapped onto them.

"Ferb?" Phineas asked nervously.

Ferb shrugged.

They looked before all of their friends; Isabella, Baljeet, Buford and even Django strapped to belts.

"Guys!" Phineas yelled to them.

They didn't even turn to him.

"Hey, are you all okay?"

No response.

Candace and Mom then came in and took the two seats behind the driver.

"Mom, what's going on?"


The bus started to roar its engine. In mere seconds, it began to drive off.

Phineas felt confused. Had he done something bad? Were his friends angry with him because he got them in trouble for every adventure they had?

"We're passing the speed limit." Ferb replied.

"Ferb, that's not important right now."

"No, we're beyond passing it."

Phineas glared out the window and saw several signs:

Speed Limit 30

I SAID Speed Limit 30
Listen to me!
No, seriously, dude!
Fine, whatever
Enjoy dying!
I'd like to see you do this on the highway!

Phineas then turned to the driver and yelled. "Hey, we're way passing the speed limit!"

"This is a colorful world." Ferb stated.

"Yeah, people sure are colorful." Phineas replied.

"No, I mean, this IS a colorful world."

Phineas turned back to the window. Colors were flashing. Green, blue, pink and several others. Phineas pondered if they were in a film where this type of thing happened.

But then, a deep firm voice spoke. "Phineas, Ferb."

The boys turned to Candace with bewildered eyes.

Candace slid on her black shades. "Welcome back to the 2nd Dimension."

Chapter 3: The Salt

"Oh, wow! Perry, I don't think we're in Danville anymore."-Candace

"Candace!" Phineas yelled. "What's going on? What's the 2nd Dimension and wear did you get those cliche shades?"

"They are not cli-" Candace yelled. "Don't play games with me kid! You know who we are!"

"Of course I do." Phineas proclaimed. "You're my sister."

"Yes, the alternate version."

"What are you talking about?" Phineas raised an eyebrow.

"Look, I don't want your little jokes." She stated. "We're in a deep ru-"


Everyone glared towards the top of the bus. A huge dent was above them.

"Phil!" Candace screamed. "You said you could drive a bus faster than that!"

"I want to know what's going on!" Phineas screamed.

Candace shoved the driver aside, took the wheel and slammed onto the accelerator peddle. The bus bursted into high speed.

"This isn't Danville." Ferb glared through the window.

Phineas as well glared out the window. The two brothers were admidst buildings in need of grand repair and smoke clouded everywhere.


Another dent appeared, this time above Candace.

"Candace!" Phineas yelled. "Quick, Ferb pull out the Wizmo projector!"

Ferb reached into his backpack and pulled out a orange orb with a button on top of it. Phineas grabbed it at once and then ran to whom he assumed to her sister. Phineas pressed the button and a beeping sound went off. After three beeps, a shield was projected around her.

Phineas then ran back to check on his brother. When he came to the seat, he saw him lying down unconscious. Suddenly, the ceiling bursted open. Something cold, rusty and tough grabbed onto Phineas. He was then pulled from out of the bus and high into the air.

"Sir," A young girl with black hair yelled at Candace.


"We lost him."

Candace slammed onto the breaks.

The bus apruptly stopped. Candace leapt from her seat and up the hole. She made a single leap through it and landed on top of the bus. She stared before a giant hovering mechanical arm holding her dear friend.

Candace studied that the arm was only four feet away. She thus made a tremendous leap from the bus right onto the edge of the arm.

"How did you become so athletic?" Phineas asked. "You always skip gym."

The fist then began to shake, but Candace held on all the same. After several seconds, the hand gave up and flew off with them on board

Candace then yelled towards the bus. "Girls and boys, get Ferb back to headquarters, Albert will know what to do!"

"Albert knows medical stuff?"

"Phineas, stop playing." She groaned. "This is serious."

"I'm confused sis, where am I?"

"You really don't know where you are, do you?"

Phineas shook his head.

The hand brought then brought them towards a dark building shaped like a man with glasses. The mouth seemed to serve as a gate, leading them into their possible death.

"Well, I imagine I could tell you finally." She said. "Unless we die before that happens."

Chapter 4: A Memory is a Memory

"A brother is a brother, but I couldn't ask for a better one than Ferb.-Phineas"

"Is he awake?" A soft female voice spoke.

"We're not sure." A younger sounding voice replied.

Ferb's eyes opened and soon as they did, he felt as if his heart was throbbing. Gazing into his eyes was the most beautiful woman he thought he had remembered.

"Vanessa?" Ferb asked.


Ferb lifted up his head, in which Vanessa then pulled back. The other things he noticed were his head ache and a bunch of children resembling that which he knew. His head ached so he placed his hand on it.

"No, no." Alternate Vanessa gently removed his hand from his head. "Wait until Albert gets here."

Ferb wished that their hands had touched for just a few seconds longer. Four seconds simply didn't serve justice for him. He gazed at her while she looked to at he right.

Emerging from where Ferb's love glared towards, was a man with long flowing brown hair and a muscular shape.

"Alright ladies, we have a patient?"

"Yes, Albert." Alternate Vanessa replied. "He was knocked unconscious."

Albert came towards Vanessa and placed his hand on er shoulder. Ferb's expression turned fierce. Was this man a flirter or a criminal? Perhaps both?

Yet what shocked Ferb more than anything was that the man kissed her cheek. The woman hardly flinched. Ferb's eyes turned from fierce to sorrowful.

"Are you okay?" He asked her smoothly.

"Yeah, I wasn't the one in the car crash anyways."

"No worries, I got everything." He answered back.

Albert then went into his cabinet draws for a rag. Taking it out, he damped it with water and then walked over to Ferb. He gave a kind smile, to which Ferb merely rolled his eyes at. Albert pretended he didn't notice and placed the rag on Ferb's bruised forehead.

"Hold that there, buddy." Albert walked off, then went into his cabinet. "So, Ferb, what can you remember?"

"All the good things before the bad stuff happened." Ferb replied, sounding slightly harsh.

"Translate?" He replied.

"All I remember is," Ferb began to ponder.

"Don't tell me you lost your memory."

"No, I remember a lot." Ferb began. "I remember fighting robots, talking to a pharmacist and even adventures I had with my pet platypus, Perry. He oddly enough wore a fedora."

"A fedora?" He said. "Guess we need to fix that memory."

"No." Ferb replied, this time becoming irritated than before. "Ask anyone here. They all remember the adventures we had in this dimension."

Ferb looked at everyone.

"Yes, I do!" Said a girl resembling Gretchen.

"Me too!" Katie replied.

Eventually, they all replied and shared their experience they had days ago.

"Oh, so platypuses do wear fedoras." Albert chuckled. "My bad."

"Don't worry, we're going to find him."

"Perry?" Ferb asked.

"No, your brother."

"What brother?"

Vanessa's expression fixed to a firm one. Ferb found himself immensely attracted to that look. "Phineas."

"Who is he?"

Vanessa's complete expression darkened. She bent down to Ferb and looked him in the eyes "Ferb, you don't remember do you?"


Vanessa turned to Albert, her voice now nervous. "Doctor, we have a problem."

Chapter 4: Slaves to Mankind

"When it comes to havoc, no one wreaks like me!"-Doofensmirtz"

"Y'know Candace, I'm trying to take this lightly." Phineas started. "We're about to die?"

"Pretty much." She said. "Though in retro-speck this is kind of cliche."

"Ah, shut up!" A cyborg slave stabbed them with a giant wooden stick.

They were walking down a long hall cuffed and their bodies in chains. Stabbing them was a cyborg. Most of the cyborg's body was of a robot, while half of the cyborg's face was a regular face. That normal face was a tan color with a chocolate colored eye. Curiously, the cyborg was eyebrow-less.

"Man, this guy really knows how to stick to people!" Phineas smiled.

Candace giggled.

"I said shut up!" The slave stabbed them both again.

"Sorry cyborg, dude."

"I'm a girl!"

Silence. Phineas and Candace then looked at each other and bursted out in laughter.

"Sorry, dude-ette, but I'm not sure the deep masculine voice gives that info correct." Phineas chuckled.

"I lost my lungs, kid!" He stabbed them.

"Yeah, whatever robot chick."

Candace giggled once more.

"Oh for Carl's sake, shut up!"


"He's the leader of this dimension."

"Okay, I'm still trying to grasp this whole dimension concept." He said. "But can you explain what's going on for me?"

"Look, Phineas." She said. "A long time ago you and your brother, your pet Perry, came and fought our leader. You changed our hearts, changed lives and destroyed a evil dictator."

"W-w-whoa, are you serious?" Phineas asked.

The cyborg groaned.

"Yes, I'm serious Phin." She replied firmly. "We've been in peace for several days. We-"

"Perry's a secret agent?"

"Yes, do you recall?"

"It seems so." He replied, thinking deeply. He began to search his heart and then felt it. "My heart feels as if I've accepted it, but my mind can't recall it."

"Yeah, we thought Danville was at peace." Candace started. "But we were wrong. Apparently, some inern of O.W.C.A has become ruler. We're not sure how it happened, but it just did. Now, we're walking here in chains."

"Ah, well." Phineas began. "I still think we can have hope."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because, Ferb my bro is not too far off." Phineas smiled. "I know he's chasing after me right after he saved those kids."

"Phineas, I don't mean to-"

They came before a door. It automatically opened and they were then pushed inside. The cyborg came in and the door closed back.

"Phineas, your brother-"

Then, the room began to descend. They quickly figured it was a elevator.

"Phineas, your brother might never make it."

"Of course he will." Phineas replied cheerfully.

"No, Phineas." She replied. "Chances on no cyborg allowed them to escape."

"Trust me, Candy, but-"

Candace bit her lip. She wanted to hold it all back, but she couldn't. "Phineas! He's dead! Gone! Chances are you'll never see him again! Think about it!"

Phineas' smile faded.

The elevator came to a stop and the door opened. They stood before a large dark room. There was hardly anything in it, aside from a red carpet leading to a tall throne.

"Enter." A deep voice spoke.

They were pushed inside, the cyborg still behind them.

"Bring them to me."

Before pushed Phineas said roughly. "Alright dude, we don't need the stabs anymore."

Phineas walked onward, Candace following. The walk indured for quite some time. Worse of all, in these chains it was painful. But Phineas tried to ignore the pain, his eyes were set on finding out who this dictator was. His brother might be dead or not. But if it was true, he wanted to know who this man was.


"Hello, dorrito and resistance leader." Carl replied, his expression was a blank firm one.

"You're that kid who helped us with the Anti-Gravitation device!" Phineas yelled. "Why are you messing around here?"

Carl glared at Phineas for several moments.

"Guard, I believe this boy needs to be taught a lesson." Carl replied, his voice as blank as snow.

"You can't just throw away your life like that!" Phineas began to sob. "Think about how everyone else feels! What abot my brother!"

"Take him to the Brain Drain room."

"Kid, turn around before I do it."

Phineas' expression turned even darker. "What is wrong with you?! My brother might be dead!"

The cyborg hand grabbed tightly onto Phineas' shoulder. "Kid, you either come or I break you."

Phineas turned around and his expression returned to sorrow. He couldn't believe what was happening. He didn't understand why he would make such a choice. But then it snapped in Phineas.

"No." Phineas planted his foot on the floor.


"I don't believe it's you." Phineas turned back to him.

"Oh, it's me more than it was before."

"I can feel it!" Phineas yelled. "Something's controlling you!"


The cyborg launched his stick into Phineas' cheek. Candace tried to reach for him, but realized she couldn't help. Phineas fell down and began to cough.

"Have you learned boy?"

He lifted himself up and grumbled. "It's not you."

"Brain Drain." Carl replied.

The cyborg grabbed Phineas by the shoulder and lifted him up.

Phineas began kicking. "I'll never forgive you!"

Candace tried to hold tears back. She knew how he felt. She knew exactly what that kind of pain was. But then she wondered and turned to Carl.

"The Brain Drain room?" Candace asked.

"He will loose all memory of what has happened to him." Carl replied. "In other words, he will be my new partner in crime."

Candace gasped, then tried to run, but fell down. "Phineas!"

The eleavator shut with Phineas and the cyborg in it.

"You're going to stay here and witness pain unfold." He replied. "You will understand discipline and the true nature of love."

Candace gritted her teeth as she stared at Carl. She wasn't going to let this be done. Not the same way she lost her boys.

Chapter 6: Atmosphere of Reality

"Out! Bust my brothers out!"-Candace

In the computer room, everyone from the doctor's were there. Due to lack of seats, everyone aside from Ferb and Baljeet stood. Baljeet, the computer whiz from Ferb's last adventure, was typing like a torpedo on his laptop, trying desperately to figure out how Ferb's mind lacked the memory of his only brother.

The metal chair Ferb sat on was rusty and smelt fowl. The entire room was in rubles and cracks were in several walls. It was nothing like the headquarters Ferb had remembered. Things had most certainly changed. Baljeeet also was reduce to using a regular sized computer. To take care of temperature, they had their only fan plugged in.

Right next to the computer was a rectangular shaped object. Baljeet called this contraption the Memory Fixer. Several wires were plugged in from the contraption to the computer. Another set of wires, with squishy tentacles attached on one side, also were on the device.

Baljeet took the other end of the wires and placed them on Ferb's skin.

"Is this considered child safe?"

"It can be used on a child, but I'm not sure if it's safe." Baljeet replied.

Ferb gulped.

Baljeet then pressed a single button his keyboard and Ferb instantly fell unconscious. Ferb re-awoke to find himnself on the floor.

"Do you remember your brother now?" Baljeet asked, his voice speaking nervously.

"No, I still don't recall anything." Ferb replied.

Vanessa sighed before depressingly stroking her hand down her face. Everyone in the room felt deep agony. Phineas gone, Ferb had lost memory of him.

"Phineas is his partner." Isabella stated. "He can't create any inventions without him."

"Then he'll have to improvise with Baljeet." Vanessa replied.

"Of course." Baljeet smiled. "Ferb my boy, you and I are going to make a great team."

"Won't work, sorry." Isabella replied.

Baljeet's face upturned and glared at Isabella.

"There are just some things Baljeet cannot create and only Phineas and Ferb can." Isabella firmly stated. "Without the boys, the prophecy cannot be fulfilled."

"Then what do we do?" Albert placed his hand to his chin.

"Find Candace and Phineas." Vanessa spoke, sorrowfully. "Some of us might not make it, but it's a risk we'll have to take."

"Candace wouldn't want us to lose anyone else." Isabella spoke roughly.

"Candace wouldn't want her only brothers to be lost." Vanessa replied harshly.

Everyone remained silent.

"I could possibly rewire the defense system." Ferb said. "All I need is a blueprint."

Vanessa sighed. "Sorry, Ferb, but you have to stay here. If we want someone to get pass guards and such we'll use Perry."

"Perry?" Ferb raised an eyebrow.

Heavy metal footsteps then began to sound off. When Ferb turned around, he saw the same platypus Ferb's platypus had managed to turn good.

"He's quite capable of many things." Vanessa firmly stated. "Almost nothing can stop him. Plus, Baljeet can go into Carl's computer room and take control of things there."

"Alright, folks!" Vanessa began to yell. "Get your stuff ready and get ready to knock some cyborgs ou-"

"How did you all manage to sneak into our dimension?" Ferb nudged Vanessa.

"You can ask him." Vanessa replied, pointing to a slightly creaked door leading to a dim room. "Without him, he wouldn't be where we are today."

As Vanessa marched off to command a fleet of young girls, Ferb walked towards the door. He hesitated as he touched the nob, yet regardless, opened it. His mouth dropped.

"Well if it isn't Ferb the boy, your timing is truly unexpected." Said a man crouched up in chains within the room. "And by unexpected I mean completely expected."

It was Heinz Doofensmirtz, the former ruler of the Tri-State Area.

Chapter 7: Brain Washing

"I can't feel my brain"-Phineas

Phineas was led down a incredibly long hallway. The walk hurt Phineas' legs, being in chains. Yet to add to it, the place smelt of a odd cologne. The smell itself was curry chicken. Phineas' stomach now desired the fullfilment of food. But that didn't matter to Phineas' heart, because all he wanted was to know his brother was alright. But first, he had to make a escape. He analyzed every single section of the hall, seeing if there was anything he could fix. His eyes widened as he saw a camera pointing at him. It would be easy, the boy could simply run away, re-arrange the wires and turh it into a laser gun.

"Keep moving!" The cyborg stabbed his back.

But within that stab, the pain hit Phineas' heart that he could not accomplish it within the chains he was in. Phineas sighed.

"Y'know, I never thought it would come to this."

The cyborg made no reply.

"I thought I was gonna have the best day ever." Phineas remarked. "But now I'm on my way to this Brain Drain room."

The cyborg made no comment.

"Haven't you always wanted to have the best day ever?" Phineas asked.

"In several moments, it'll be the best day ever." She smirked.

"Ah, I get your drift." Phineas looked towards the floor. "Have you considered maybe using your abilities to-"

"Kid, I see what you're doing." The cyborg replied. "You think you can change my motives simply by trying to make me have flash backs of my past. This isn't a sappy happy film, kid. This is real life."

Phineas made no reply. "Still, you ever thought what your life would be like if you weren't-"

"Kid, I didn't have a choice." She replied. "I was forced to be this way."

"Oh, sorry to hear that."

"Yeah, but I've been getting by." She replied. Her monotone cyborg voice made it impossible to tell how she felt.

"How did that happen?"

"Carl decided to brain wash everyone." She replied. "For the best of everyone. I was one of the citizens."

Phineas sighed. "Guess the same will happen to me."

"Oh, real smart!" The cyborg yelled. "You think you can make me feel sorry for you! Well, not going to work kid. We're just about to enter this door where you'll meet your brain washing hour."

"Brain wash?" Phineas glared towards a large metal door in front of them.

"Yep, you'll be drained of every fragment of memory you ever had." She replied. "Soon, you'll be the perfect cyborg."

As they came to it, the door opened. Phineas gulped, before he made steps inside to the dark room. There was a single light hanging high above a metal chair.

"Get in the chair kid." She said roughly.

"Fine." Phineas replied, before walking to it. "Can't exactly do this in chains."

The cyborg slid his hand into his pocket and took out a red key from his hand. He then bent down and inserted the key into the lock.

"Cuffs stay on." She harshly stated.

"Fine." Phineas said, before hopping onto the chair.

Phineas sighed. The chair then rotated onto it's back. The cyborg went to a desk in the dark and began typing on a computer. The brain drain was yet to commit. There were several things he wanted to know. If Ferb was okay, how Alternate Candace was doing. But he knew those questions couldn't be answered, so there was only one question that sprung to his head he knew could possibly be answered.

"What's your name."

The cyborg sighed and when she did, it hardly sounded like one. It sounded like a computer shutting off. "Stacy."

"Stacy, Candace's best friend?" Phineas examined the cyborg's face; nothing like Stacy.

"Yes, I never saw interest in the Resistance." She softly replied. "So I got what was coming to me because I went on my own."

"But you realize your wrong, now, right?"

The cyborg kept silence for a moment and that sigh went off again. "I'm breaking you free."

Phineas' mouth dropped. He had never expected his simple question to break him out.

Stacy began typing several buttons. "Since I'm no commander of any fleet I'm going to have to do this on my own."

"Thanks." Phineas smiled.

"Don't thank me yet, kid." She replied. "You're smart enough to bypass security?"

"If we could somehow find the computer room."

"Good, I know where that is." She said, before she approached Phineas and unlocked his cuffs with her second key. "Let's get you out of here, dorrito."

"I prefer dinner bell." Phineas chuckled.

"Whatever works." She replied.

Chapter 8: Backstory

"I used to have goals. They were evil goals, but they were still goals."-Doofensmirtz

"Heinz Doofensmirtz?"

"Sadly." He coughed, dusk surrounding him as he lied chained to the walls.

"But we saw you leave happily with your Choo-Choo."

"Yes, but my crimes I comitted had slipped my mind." Doofensmirtz groaned. "Had I just taken ballet this would never have happened."

Ferb tried to change the subject, no longer interested in Doofensmirtz' pain. "So you brought them to their dimension?"

"Actually, I completed your un-finished device."


"Oh, I'm sorry." Heinz replied. "Your alternate selves did it. See, when Carl took over, they were constructing a device that could send them to your dimension. They just wanted to visit you is all. But one day, a dark day took place and Candace's little brothers were taken by two giant floating hands."

"Two giant floating hands?" Ferb raised an eyebrow.

"Technology has taken a new level, kid." He coughed. "All objects manage to float thanks to Carl's power source. Everything he has created, any human that has become a cyborg, is tied to Carl's power source."

"What is it?" Ferb asked.

"Basically, we have no idea." He replied. "Well, I have no idea. I'm quite capable of getting in there, since I am the superior creator of Carl's creations."

"You created them?"

"Technically speaking, yes." He replied. "I worked for L.O.V.E M.U.F.F.I.N and they used ideas I had scrapped. They improved on them and Carl edited them."

"So you know how to knock out the power source?"

"Yes, yes I do." He replied in pain, before he coughed worse than he did before. "But despite all I told them they don't believe I'm trust worthy."

Ferb began to take pity on the scientist. He was alone, coughing on smoke, yet pertained a strong will in his expression.

"I'll set you free." Ferb firmly stated.

"Such a task cannot be accomplished." He replied. "You'll need that key Baljeet always keeps with him."

Ferb reached into his pocket and slid out a golden key. "You mean this key?"

"Where did you-"

"Baljeet trusted me with it." Ferb reached for the wall where a large keyhole was. He slid the key into it, turned it and the cuffs automatically came off the scientist.

"Finally." He smiled. "After all these years."

"No time for rejoice or breakfast, doc." He replied. "We need to get to Carl's headquarters."

"Then let's get this show on the road or however the kids say it!"

Chapter 9: Twin Hearts

Blast! Blast!

Phineas knocked out a cyborg with his newly created laser gun.

Phineas turned to Stacy. "Can you rip out his back?"

Stacy, with her cold steal fists ripped the metal back off of the cyborg, revealing many wires. After re-arranging the wires, the cyborg awoke.

"What may I do for you, sir?"

"Lead us to Carl." He ordered it.

"Up the elevator, number 000."

"What?!" Stacy exclaimed.

Phineas lied a finger on his lip, indicating for Stacy to keep quiet.

"Sorry." She said. "What?!"

"We have to find Candace." He replied. "She tried to save me I try to save her."


"After all, you can apologize to her."

Stacy made no comment to that as they ran to the elevator. She didn't want to engage in a quarrel with her. She pictured in her head how she believed it would turn out. Her heart shivered at the idea.

As they approached the elevator, they pressed the up button up. Impatiently, they waited for the doors to swing open. But when the door opened, a surprise greeted them.

Stacy was abruptly shot by a metal dart. Electricity spurred all around her and she soon collapsed.

"Hey!" Phineas yelled at who shot her.

Before them stood Vanessa, Isabella, Gretchen, Katie and Candace.

"Phineas, we have to go, now."

"You just shot my friend!" He yelled.

Vanessa pulled Phineas' hand roughly and led him into the elevator. "We have no time to care for pathetic robots."

"She was not pathetic!" He yelled, trying to pull away before door of the elevator closed. "She's one of you guys!"

"They're all on of us, Phineas." Vanessa remarked at how they were all once human.

"No!" Phineas yelled. "She was Candace's friend!"

Candace raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Stacy!" Phineas answered.

"No, no." She replied. "That was not Stacy!"

"Stacy became a cyborg because she ditched you guys, but she's sorry now and wanted-"

"We don't have time for this Phineas." Vanessa firmly replied. "Stacy is one friend. We have to save you now."

"What about everyone having to stick together?"

"If we stick here any longer we'll be fried and turned into henchmen!" Vanessa yelled.

"I don't ca-"

"Phineas." Candace replied.

Phineas turned to her alternate sister. A small tear went down her cheek.

"It's okay." She replied.

"You're not okay!" Phineas yelled. "Your trying to hold tea-"

"Emotions is not the issue here Phineas!" Vanessa yelled at Phineas. "It never has!"

Phineas glared at her for several seconds, then turned away and crouched down in the corner of the elevator.

"Caring about people is what makes us weak." She replied. "It's what makes Candace weak, you insane and what once corrupted me. Not anymore."

Chapter 10: Old Hearts Die

The motorcycle zipped through the air, dodging every cyborg that chased after them. Their eyes glared towards their headquarters before them.

"We're almost there." Said Ferb, Doofensmirtz holding onto him.

"You remember the plan right?" Doofensmirtz asked.

"Yeah, crash through a window dramatically and beat up some cyborgs."

"No, after that."

"Oh yeah, get a cyborg to lead us to the power source."

"Right!" Doofensmirtz replied. "Looks like we're here."

They glared before the eye of the headquarters, which seemed to be made entirely of glass. Ferb then directed the motorcycle in front of the eye. Thus, he fully slammed onto the peddle and in a instant they burst at high speed towards it and shattered the glass. They perfectly landed, right before they hopped off.

In the room they were in were tons of aliens, cyborgs and even humans in capsules.

Ferb's eyes gazed over one. "Django."

Doofensmirtz walked onward, not caring for the captured souls. "Let's keep our hearts on the task."

"O-of course." Ferb replied, before following after the doctor.

"So we must be in my creation room." Heinz sighed. "Most of these look familiar."

After they passed the long hallway of creations, they entered another room with a cyborg typing on a computer. Abruptly, they hid back.

"What are we going to do?" Ferb asked.

"I'll jump on him." He said. "Meanwhile you try to see what the computer links to and how you can use it as your advantage."

Ferb nodded.

Heinz then swung his body on top of the cyborg and pulled him back. Ferb's heart started to bump as he leapt onto the seat and began to make research on what the computer was.

Meanwhile, the cyborg pulled the hair of Heinz while his heavy body sat on his back.

Ferb looked through all the windows and all he saw was projects on cyborgs. After clicking several things, he found a "release" button.

The cyborg was slamming his heavy fists into Heinz's back.

Perspiration running down his cheeks, Ferb then began programming several things into the cyborg and clicked on the release button. But at that moment, a hand grabbed Ferb's neck. Ferb could not see behind him, but felt a cold metal hand squeezing him.

"Ha!" Heinz jumped on the cyborg, his eyes placed over its eyes.

But the robot didn't seize from gripping onto Ferb's neck. In seconds Ferb would be dead. But then, right before Ferb was to die, the hand released. Ferb fell down and gasped for air. Before them standing was a cyborg.

"Hello, Ferb." Said the cyborg. "How may we assist you?"

"Get me and this scientist to the power room." He stated and turned to Heinz, who lied on the floor, moaning.

"Aye aye sir!" He replied, before lifting the scientist over his shoulder. "Follow me and we'll lead you right to the room!"

"Thank you." He replied.

"Thank you, Ferb." Heinz coughed. "Thank you."

Chapter 11: The Second Eye

Within the second eye of the HQ, Baljeet walked down a long hallway. Alone. He swept pass the hallway and towards a door. As it automatically opened for him, he came in. His eyes widened; it was a vast room with a single ten foot wide computer and a huge contraption. Baljeet knew for a second it was a inator Carl had left abandoned for several days.

Baljeet rushed to the computer and pressed the power button on the computer. It turned on and a message was displayed:

Password Please

Baljeet gave it a wild guess, Baljeetisepic

The computer replied. Incorrect





Baljeet tried 12 more, before a screen came on saying: You have exceeded all n00bish log in attempts

Baljeet groaned and turned to the contraption that was made. "Looks like Danville is doomed by a Boom-inator."

Chapter 12: Making Choices

Vanessa had a ear phone device that allowed her to talk to any member who also had one.

"Baljeet, have you un-covered the password?"

"No, I'm afraid I'll have to abandon this quest."

Vanessa sighed. "Alright, let's get these guys out of here and see if we can make the plan."

"Plan?" Phineas asked.

"I'll explain when we get home." Vanessa replied.

Home. To Phineas, it would be as sweet as honey to be there. But he knew he had a dimension to save and more importantly to him, Ferb. He wanted to know if he was okay. They had been through a lot together. Though Ferb never expressed expressed how he felt and rarely said words, he felt a deep bond with his brother.

The elevator then stopped and opened. They then walked into the room Baljeet was at.

"Baljeet, let's go." Vanessa ordered. "We have to get out of here."

Baljeet sighed. "Coming."

Warning! Warning! The computer suddenly flashed in red words. The un-finished cyborgs have been released and two intruders are in the HQ.

"Can't be us." Baljeet shrugged.

"No." Vanessa bit her lip in rage. "That stupid idiot let the scientist come with him!"

"Ferb is here?!" Phineas exclaimed.

"Yep, whole party decided to get down with us." Vanessa groaned. "Phineas, stay here-"

"No, my brother is in trouble!"

"Look, kid." Vanessa's fists tightened in anger. "If you go like how you tried to protect Candace, you'll get caught again. Chances are, Carl won't let you slip like he did before."

"No." Phineas' replied. "I want to help him. Think about it, I was able to get out until you guys showed up."

"Because that cyborg had some heart." Vanessa roughly remarked. "Carl has no heart. All he's made of is steal."

"Doesn't matter." Phineas replied. "I'm the one with the nifty gadgets."

Vanessa rolled her eyes. "Phineas, I think it's best we protect you, got it?"

"No!" Phineas ran towards the elevator.

Vanessa and the troop chased after him, but Vanessa jumped towards him and collapsed, but she used her hands to hold the elevator open. Isabella's slick body then went inside.

"I'll protect him, Van!" She replied. "Just let me."

"No!" Vanessa replied, before she stood up and tried to open the elevator. She tried with all her strength, but eventually gave out and the elevator closed.

"I guess I was wrong." Vanessa said. "The heart doesn't only weaken, it also blinds."

Chapter 13: Blinded

Phineas didn't care. He hardly payed attention towards Isabella. He believed highly that she didn't want to help.

"Control room, huh?"

"Yeah." He sighed. "I have to find him."

"Y'know, Phineas." She replied. "You're really important to us. We need you to save someone close to Candace and bring peace to the wor-"


Isabella made a deep sigh. "A few days ago, Candace's brothers were taken by Carl's giant hands. Since then, the Resistance has been weak and Candace has been in a fit."

"Wow, I'm sorry to hear that." Phineas replied. "Why didn't you guys tell me that?"

"I'm sure Candace has tried to tell you that." She replied. "Maybe you constantly jumping into situations has caused that."

"Look, I only want to help people." Phineas stated. "And besides, couldn't I save Candace's brothers?"

Isabella shook her head. "No, it's not that easy."

"Isabella," Phineas replied. "I've almost never been wrong and rarely fail. With a good heart and imagination, you can-"

"Vanessa doesn't believe in having a heart."

"Is Vanessa or Candace in charge?"

"Candace is, but her emotions have been getting the better of her." She said. "We've been seeking more towards Vanessa."

"Have you all talked to her?"

"No." She replied. "She refuses to let people talk to her."

The elevator stopped.

"Fine." He replied. "I can get my brother and then we depart from you guys."

The elevator opened and Phineas walked forward into the throne room.

"No!" Isabella protested, grabbing his hand. "We need you."

Phineas pulled his hand away. "I need you too. Teamwork is what we all need, Isabella. Wether you like it or-"

Phineas analyzed the entire room. Not even Carl himself was here.

"This isn't good." Isabella groaned.

"I have to find him." Phineas sighed. "Guess he didn't come in time."

"Any moment Carl can jump out and kill you!" Isabella yelled.

"Shhh!" Phineas whispered.

Isabella replied. "Sorry."

"Well, well, if it isn't the Firestorm girl." A voice from behind spoke.

They spun around in alarm and as they realized who it was, they both feeled a mix of confusion, shock and joy.

"Ferb!" Phineas clapsed his arounds around his brother.

"H-hello, Phineas. I believe correctly?"

"Aw, you joker!" Phineas grinned. "Let's get out of here."

"Doofensmirtz." Isabella's fists tightened. "He let you free."

"Unlike you, he trusted me." He replied. "He understood the capabilities I withheld."

Isabella rolled her eyes. "You're not a friend. You tore many people's hearts, ripped lives apart."

Doofensmirtz shook his head. "Forget that. I'm free and I can destroy the power source, since I know how to."

"Any bozo can do that."

"No." Ferb stated. "He's the only doctor who knows how to do this. If we destroy it the incorrect way, we could die. Doofensmirtz can de-activate it."

Doofensmirtz threw on a nasty grin.

"Oh, I hate that grin of yours." Isabella rolled her eyes. "I'm not doing it!"

"C'mon, Isabella." Phineas replied. "Break the rules for a change."


"The Resistance doesn't have to be in charge of you." He smiled. "You can be free and stick with us. We're all great minds here, we can take down Carl ourself."

"You're all crazy!" Isabella yelled. "

"Shh!" Ferb whispered.

"I'm a tad curious as to how the dictator isn't here."

"It's best we go Phineas, perhaps when we have the upper hand we'll make our attack." Isabella grabbed Ferb's hand and marched towards the elevator.

"Fine, waste time like that." Phineas sighed. "You may never know what happens when you make a different choice."

Isabella paused. "You really care don't you."

"Everyone counts as a friend to me."

Isabella made a deep sigh. "Fine."

Isabella ripped off a patch and placed it in Phineas' hand. "My Obedience patch. If we fail, I've lost it for no good reason."

Chapter 14: Gripping Reality

Doofensmirtz rushed to the door and swung it open for everyone. Isabella merely rolled her eyes as the crew passed him, saying thanks.

"My Goodie-Two Shoes Villain." Isabella groaned.

"Y'know it!" Doofensmirtz grinned.

"Don't get cocky."

They were in a dark room, with light bulbs hanging from the top. Phineas walked forward, leading the group. As they came to the door, it opened and they went into the room.

"This is it." Isabella took a deep breath. "If we die, I loose my living patch."

The entire room was a factory. Where they stood was on a bridge, with cyborgs marching below them. Smoke puffed from several engines and the entire atmosphere was a dark red.

"These all look familiar." He said. "Carl has invented every scrapped invention of mine and turned them into something that actually works."

"Let's move along." Isabella firmly replied.

The group walked across the bridge. The bridge had different pathways which lead to different contraptions. When Ferb turned to Doofensmirtz about them, the doctor shaked his head to indicate they weren't the power source.

"This doesn't make any sense." Isabella replied. "How do we know where it is?"

"Carl can't make things for himself." Doofensmirtz replied. "He ordered the most intelligent people to create his contraptions."

Isabella's mouth dropped. It had suddenly occur to her who those inventors most likely were. "The boys."

"No one else." Doofensmirtz replied.

After a incredibly long walk, Heinz stopped the group and pointed to a large device. Ferb looked to the doctor, who nodded. They approached the large orb shaped device, with a robot head anyone could recognize; Norm.

"My original device could not be complete without a certain item." He replied. "Who would've known a useless Norm head would need it?"

"Alright, doctor." Isabella said roughly. "This is where you make things worth it."

Doofensmirtz snapped his hands, approached the device and bent down before a lock. "Key."

Ferb held out a key.

"We nearly forgot to ask that cyborg for it." Ferb handed the key to him.

Doofensmirtz took the key and turned the lock with it. The lock then fell off and all that was inside were wires.

"Couldn't Carl re-adjust them?"

"Carl believes everyone who worked on these devices is dead." He replied. "He would have no need to change how they were invented."

Isabella sighed.

"See, Izzy, we're doing great so far." Phineas smiled, before placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Well, I-I-still don't believe you." She folded her arms. "This better not turn ugly."

"It'll take a while, but I'll be done in half an hour."

"Half an hour?!" Isabella replied, yet quietly. "Cyborgs would have killed us by then!"

"I like to stay optimistic, but if I fail I guess I'm ruining it for everyone." Doofensmirtz replied. "But if this works, I'm guaranteed not to fail."

Isabella groaned. "I don't like this."

"Hey, Doc." Phineas bent down next to the docotor. "Let us try. We should be able to go faster.""

"No, kid." He replied. "This is dangerous stuff."

"Hey, our alternative selves invented this stuff right?" Phineas remarked. "Plus, we've created all sorts of things. Me and my brother will be able to help."

"Okay, but if this goes bad, you're ruining it for everyone." He replied, before stand

Phineas bent down and began re-arranging wires. "Ah, I found a short cut."

"How long will this take?"

"A mere five minutes." Phineas replied.

"Alright." She said. "But if we fail-"

"Relax, I'll be done soon."

Chapter 15: Sister to Sister

Vanessa sighed. No thought of concern spread over her face. She simply stood, her temper flooding in every single second.

Canace merely twiddler her hair, which she always did when she was nervous.

"Some brothers you have." Vanessa groaned.

"Hey, they're not my brothers and-"

"No." Vanessa replied. "I'm talking about your other brothers."


"Had you been more careful, had they never been so care free, none of this would've happened." Vanessa complained.

"Look, Van, I just-"

"Thought it would be okay to be so care free?!" She replied angrly. "Oh sure, your brothers are gone. Probably you're only friends."

"Shut up!" Candace yelled, feeling on the verge of tears. "You have your own things to worry about! I'm captain!"

"No, not anymore Candace." She replied. "It's clear to me everyone sees me as a better ruler."

Candace replied. "I-I'm still in charge! They still look up to me-"

"Face it Candace, ever since you changed, no one wants you to be leader." She said.

The elevator opened and Vanessa bravely took her steps forward into the throne room. It was the same clean dark room from before. Only this time, the throne was turned away from them.

"So glad you could both make it." Said a voice familiar to Candace.

"Carl?!" Candace gasped.

Th throne turned and revealed the menacing dictator, holding a rabbit on his lap. "Just as I planned. While your brothers take apart my power source, I announce to them that you both are captured. And in order for them to have your freedom, they must make me an entire new empire."

"You have enough of my brothers!" She yelled. "Why do you want mine?"

"Four master minds, bringing a forway to a higher obtain."

"You won't get away with this, Carl." Vanessa shouted.

"Just don't hurt them!" Candace replied.

Vanessa sighed at what she considered a weak heart.

"Vanssa, would it help if I told you there was someone else there?"

"Isabella is not of any use to me." She replied.

Candace glared at her in disbelief she would say such a thing.

"There has to be another way!" Vanessa replied.

"Well, from my observations, there is one man I can use who is not at least as superior to the boys."

"What?!" She yelled. "What on earth is needed for your stupid plans?!"

"Your father."

Candace's eyes widened and she stared in depression at Vanessa. Vanessa kept the same glance on Carl. Her expression had hardly changed, then her entire expression changed. Concern had sprung into her entire expression. Carl grinned slickly.

"Have him."

"No!" Candace yelled, before she ran towards the entrance to the factory.

"Dennis, eliminate her."

The rabbit then rose from the dictator's lap and pounced on Candace. Candace fell down, but merely attempted to kick the Dennis. Dennis jumped onto her foot, then brought his boy in one pounce to her face. Candace however grabbed the rabbit, who began slamming fists into her face. Candace then took Dennis from her face and began to choke him. Dennis began to suffocate, worry expressing in his face an pleaded for her to stop. Eventually, he looked as if he had stopped breathing. Candace then flung him aside.

Candace ran quickly into the factory. She heard footsteps and anxiously turned behind her; it was Vanessa.

"Keep marching soldier!"

She ran down the bridge, her eyes darted to every single contraption. She pondered at where they could be. Finally, she had found them once she bumped into Doofensmirtz.

"We have to go!" She grabbed Doofensmirtz's arm. "Enough is enough, we've done what we could and-"

"Don't worry Candace, the entire place should shut down in a mere seconds."

"That's not important right now." She grumbled.

Finally, they came to the entrance, but it had closed.

Vanessa yelled. "Dang it!"

One light several yards from them shut off.

"But the entire place is going to shut down!" Isabella yelled, her entire face looking anxious.

More lights leading to them began to shut off.

"It'll be so dark and the air conditioner will be off." Heinz yelled. "We'll basically die in here."

"Phineas, you're going to have to re-adjust that device!" Vanessa ordered him.

More lights turned off.

"Ferb, do you have that light bulb ray?"

Ferb wondered how he knew he had such a device, thinking that he had created it. "No."

"Great, so we're stuck in here!"Vanessa yelled, tears starting to flood her face.

"Not again, not again!"

"Candace, we'll be-" Phineas began.

"Phineas, you don't get it do you?!" Candace sobbed. "It's over."

The final light shut off.

Chapter 16: Like Father, Unlike Daughter

Candace sniffled. In this darkness, no emotion could be seen.

"Well, Carl might turn the power back on!" Phineas remarked.

"And we'll most likely be captured and turn into cyborgs too." Vanessa moaned.

Vanessa felt a hand touch softly on her shoulder.

"Who touched me?"

"It's me, Dad."

A loud thud was heard. Vanessa had pushed him aside.

"Don't treat me like this, Dad." Vanessa yelled. "Not after what you did months ago!"

"Look, all I want is-"

"This is your fault!" She yelled. "Everything started with you. Had you never abandoned me none of this would've happened!"

"Honey, I'm sor-"

"Don't come with that!" Vanessa spoke, a tip of sorrow hinting in her throat. "You left me so you could build a empire. All you cared about was being in charge of empires!"

"Honey, things have changed!" Doofensmirtz replied nervously.

"No!" Vanessa screamed. "You left me abandoned. All those years, every moment of life, I had to grow up and live by my own rules!"

"Vanssa, he says he's sorry!" Phineas pronounced.

"Phineas, let me explain." She was sobbing now. "Every year of my life, I didn't bother with relationships. Now, I'm perfecty fine! I'm me!"

"But things have changed."

"You didn't rust in that place long enough." She replied. "I don't want to ever see you. They can brainwash me, maybe rip apart my heart, but at least I won't have to talk to you ever again."

"Vanessa-" Heinz placed his hand on her shoulder once more. "You're scared."

"That's it!" Vanessa grabbed him by the throat and lifting him into the air. "These games have gone on far enough! I'm tired of this pain! I don't want to have a heart, I want to live!"

The lights then turned on.

"Put him down!" Phineas yelled. "This isn't the way to do it!"

"Vanessa-" Heinz choked.

Vanessa felt a pull at her leg, but she kicked whatever it was.


"Phineas!" Candace approached where the sound was and held the boy, but then, she turned to Vanessa.

"No more, doctor!"

Yet then, Vanessa felt a tug. Her hand released Heinz and he gasped for air. Then the sound of metal being touched was heard.

"Doof!" Candace yelled.

"I'm fine!"

"If I could see where you were." Vanessa groaned, beginning to feel around.

Candace then pulled Vanessa back by her hair. Vanessa yelled.

"Pain isn't going to get us anywhere, Van."

"It brought us to our own pain, didn't it?" She grabbed something, hoping it to be a neck, but it was only a arm, thus she released it. Then she felt something grab her hair again.

Thus Vanessa swung her arms up to Candace's neck and grabbed it. "Why is it we get so weak? Pain brings us to our knees. Not only must we remove our hearts, we must also remove what caused the pain."

Candace choked.

"I've had enough of you, Candace."

"Vanessa, please!" Doofensmirtz yelled. "I've changed!"

"Momentarily, but if one thing happens to him he'll return to be our enemy." She grumbled.

Candace kicked Vanessa's back and she screamed.

"Vanessa, is that you?"

Vanessa kicked him. "You rotten man."

Candace cleared her throat. "Now I'm going to help one of you. The one I find we can trust."

"Make the wrong choice and you can bring back an empire!" Vanessa yelled.

Candace reached her hands out to Heinz, but Vanessa began tugging with all her strength. Candace pulled with all her strength. It was a battle to get the one they both desired to have the most. But in that bttle, Vanessa made such a large tug on her father that he screamed.


In seconds, a large thud was heard.

"Now killing me might seem logical to you." Vanessa replied. "But what if we escape? Won't you need me?"

"You've been enough of a-" Candace screamed.

A hand clasped onto Candace's shoulder. "She's not worth it."


"It's not the right thing to do." Phineas said.. "We don't need to express feelings that way."

Thus, Candace helped Vanessa up and they returned to sitting.

"Just when I thought we might've accomplished something." Isabella sighed. "Apparently Carl has some back up power."

Phineas crouched by himself. Phineas sighed. He considered himelf being wrong of all he had thought.

Chapter 17: Rising Temper, Rising Carl

As the door swung open, they slowly crept inside. Not a blissful soul seemed to reside in the room to them. Creeping more and more, it seemed as if their hopes wouldn't be dashed. Yet as they reached the elevator, a voice called out.


The boy, as well as everyone else, hesitately spun around.

"Ferb, Candace, Vanessa and other girl."

"Isabella!" The girl replied roughly.

"Whatever." Carl said in his dull tone. "You all broke a promise. Doofensmirtz appears to be dead."

"How did you get the HQ working again?" Phineas asked, nervously.

"I keep a back up power source." He replied. "Half of the HQ is powered up and my cyborgs are dead, however. Luckily, the only ones who aren't cyborgs are you two."

Phineas' eyes widened and his expression darkened. "No way in hozay you're going to have a meal out of me!"

"Sorry, Phineas." Carl sighed. "But this is how it works. It's either you do so, or you die."

"I'd rather I die than you let everyone else suffer for generations!"

"Well what about summer?" Carl said. "The adventures you have with your brother, all your friends, family. You may never get to find out who your wife is, better yet, what the best day ever really is."

Phineas' tightened his fists, his expression fierced even more and he yelled. "Summer's not important here!"

"Fine." Carl replied. "Have it your way."

"Burger?" Ferb asked.

"No, Ferb, we're going into our impending doom." Phineas stated.

"Ah, I got it mixed up with-"

"Stacy, bring them to their death."

"Stacy?!" Candace's mouth dropped.

From the center of a room, a circle of the floor disappeared and a platform with a familiar cyborg came into place. There was Stacy, Candace's beloved best friend from when they were in kindergarden.

"Well, Phin." Stacy sighed. "You had me fooled."

"Stacy, I-" Phineas began.

"Save it, you and your friends are getting the crime you deserve."

"Every one of my cyborgs never wanted to do my bidding, thus I had to use my power source to control them." Carl stated. "But this one minion came to me and ordered he'd kill you both."

Stacy cracked his knuckles. "You're all coming with me."

"Stacy, we're not moving anywhere!" Vanessa yelled. "It's four of us against you, pit brick!"

Stacy lifted up her hands and showed the palm. On the palm was a blue circle and it slowly began to glow.

"Come. With. Me." Stacy replied.

"We're all incredibly skilled and able to hack a few cyborgs!" Vanessa replied. "Don't think you can-"

The cyborg unleashed a blue laser from her palms, sending Vanessa and the group into dodge mode. Stacy had anger towards Vanessa for her statements, but her hatred turned towards Candace and Phineas. Candace dodged every single ray Stacy fired. Stacy took a quick glance at Isabella, whom she had little interest for. Then Phineas Flynn Fletcher, who's running skills were nothing to her death rays. Stacy then began firing. Phineas ran as quickly as he could, but the panic along with energy he was both spending was making him weary. Eventually, Phineas tripped in his rush and Stacy began to fire. Candace saw Phineas fall on the floor, thus performed a high acrobat and came in front of him. The fire blasted Candace and she fell down.

"Candace!" Phineas gasped.

"You all come with me or there will be more!"

Vanessa's mouth dropped. She had never in her life seen a soldier get hit before her. Her gaze on Candace then shifed towards Isabella and Ferb, both at her side. For the first time, she expressed being nervous in her face. Thus, she grabbed both of the children and crashed through the glass window.

Chapter 18: Vanessa's Emotions

After hitching onto a cyborg's motorycle, they rode towards their HQ.

"Sir!" Iabella screamed, her eyes pouring out tears.

Vanessa tried to turn her worry glance back into her dark one. It was incredibly difficuilt.

"We need to turn back to them!" She sobbed.

Vanessa still made no response.

They had made it to their HQ, Vanessa hopped off, grabbed them both and brought them inside. After locking the door, she then strode off.

"They're gone!" Isabella expressed. "Don't you realize it! We may never see them again!"

Vanessa marched over to her room, opened the door, closed it and locked it. She took a moment as she stood at the door, then walked over to her bed. She then lied down and in a second, released sobbing. She cried, realizing nearly all of this was her fault. She paniced, not wanting to have to go through pain. She didn't want it to happen. She felt bad she had made the decision, but at the same time comforted. Over a single year, Candace was like a sister to her. Since Candace began dating Jeremy, Jeremy introduced her to her. In a instant, they became fast friends. They shared everything together.

The door knocked.

"Don't come in!" Vanessa yelled.

The door knocked again.

"I said I'm busy!"

Silence, but then Ferb' voice spoke. "It's me."

"I don't even know you!"

"In another dimension, you do." He replied. "And I gave you good advice in that place."

"I don't care!" She cried. "This is my dimension and you don't mean anything in it!"

"There is a immense similarity shared with our original counterparts." Ferb replied. "It's locked in our hearts, buried deep inside. And if I recall, simply by changing people we were able to turn them into the people we know."

Vanessa hesitated, but she rose from the bed and took the key from her pocket. She then walked over to the door and unlocked it. There stood Ferb, his same blank expression. But Vanessa saw through his expression and saw his heart.

"Come in." She said, before walking over to the bed.

Ferb handed a tissue and Vanessa took it before she blew into it. Her tough energy had drained to its complete. She could never be the same person again.

"We all make mistakes." Ferb sat on the bed. "But one of the things we must accept, is not only that we made a mistake, but that we must accept other people."

Vanessa looked thoughtfully at Ferb.

"We must learn to give people chances. Take opportunities, never make the same old remain the same old." Ferb said boldly. "We have to recognize that people are people and they will make mistakes. They will express emotions, they will have thoughts, they will want to make choices based on these things. But what we must come to understand is that sometimes the people who seems the craziest, can sometimes be the one we can understand. They'll say odd things, they'll even be odd. They'll feel challenged, because we're challenging them. But the thing that we must come to grip is that not all choices that aren't ours is bad. Sometimes, it seems like the wisest choice."

After Ferb made his statement, he pulled out a plunger and a wrench. "Time to make chances be chances. Let's make a choice."

Vanessa smiled and abruptly hugged Ferb. "You have a plan?"

"Oh, we do." Ferb replied. "But it's all going to rely on your effort."

Chapter 19: Making Peace, Dawning War

Stacy led Phineas down a long hallway, his body in chains. The thoughts didn't bother to race across Phineas' mind what his death would be caused by. All he know was that his alternate sister was dead. Despite a not very strong relationship, he still felt as if this Candace was his own sister.

They then came to a large door. Stacy, with her strength, opened it. Phineas walked inside, his heart empty of energy. The entire room was pitch black, until a large dimmed from the top. The light then gave glimpse of what was to attempt to bring Phineas' death. From the shadows, a fierce metal beast arose. It resembled a dog, though it stood on two feet. The body was massive, with the belly of it belching out. Its fists however resembled a bear's own paws. Yet the feet resembled a dog.

Phineas didn't care what it was, all he felt was that his hope was dying. As the beas roared, something clicked in Phineas' heart. He couldn't remember anything from his last adventure in his dimension, but as he could recall, he escaped. He even remembered he escaped every single mishap. From the beginning, he had friends. When he was trying to return home to beat Bufor'ds bet, he had friends to help him get there. It wasn't Phineas alone that got him out of these troubles, but it was the help of at least one person or two. Ferb had helped them shut down the power and Candace took a blow for him. Suddenly, Phineas found himself staring at the beast, his expression fierced. He knew that a friend was the only one who could save him.

Bang! Bang! went the door.

Phineas spun around, his eyes gazing at the door. He took a deep breath and in a instant, the door collapsed with Baljeet and several cyborgs before him.

"Baljeet!" Phineas exclaimed.

"Dr. Baljeet." He rolled his eyes. "Cyborgs, take down that over weight dog slash bear while I get Phineas out of here!"

"Yes, sir!" The cyborgs replied.

Phineas smiled, not only at his own freedom reaching, but at how any cyborg could easily be transformed. Baljeet approached him and pulled out a key. He tried to unlock the chains, but couldn't.

"Odd, I have the wrong key."

"Where is Ferb?"

"Sorry, your friend isn't here." He replied in a sigh. "I'm afraid Vanessa took them and left."

The robot roared with the sound of a computer shutting down.

"Ugh!" Baljeet pulled out another key and tried to unlock it. "This better work!"

Phineas' heart beat as the roar of the beast sounded. The robot was flinging several cyborgs aside. Baljeet then tried another key, but no success was granted. The sound of the beast then turned from a roar to large heavy foosteps. Baljeet tried another key, but he still had failed. The foosteps of the machine sounded closer.

"C'mon!" Baljeet exclaimed, perspiration flooding his cheeks in the hot room.

Phineas shifted his eyes to the robot. It was a mere minute away from him.

"This one beter work!" Baljeet yelled, trying another.

The robot then bent down and brought his paw to the floor. Phineas ran desperately and Baljeet followed. Baljeet tried another key and he failed once more.

"That's it!" Baljeet grabbed Phineas' hand and began to pull him out of the room.

As Baljeet came to the fallen door, a cyborg greeted him and swung his fists into Baljeet's delicate face. The two stumnbled onto the floor and glared at who knocked them down.

"Stacy, please!" Phineas yelled. "It was Vanessa's fault, not mine. Me and Candace appreciate you!"

"Excuses." Stacy sighed. "Either face me or face your death."

Phineas spun around to the robot, coming even closer to him. Then his eyes shifted towards Stacy.

"Baljeet, try another key!" Phineas replied.

Stacy rose her pawms and the circle began to glow. Baljeet quickly tried the key, but it didn't work.

"Stacy, c'mon!" Phineas replied. "Isn't Candace your best friend?"

"Was." Stacy fired her laser unleasher.

"No!" Baljeet took the hit and fell down.

"Bal-"Phineas gasped.

"Now it's your turn, Phin." Stacy replied. "This time I don't miss."

"Candace loves you as a sister!" Phineas replied. "I'm sure of it!"

"You were sure about a lot of things Phin and look where that got you."

"Fine." Phineas said firmly. "Finish me."

The laser beam fired and Phineas moved from where he was. The robot's foot was destroyed, bringing it to a collapse.

"Phineas!" Stacy yelled as she ran into dark room, having no idea where the boy was.

Phineas then spunrg forward into the exit and ran off. Stacy spun around and charged after him. Phineas ran quickly, but Stacy remained only ten fee taway from him. Stacy then began firing, forcing Phineas to dodge. Phineas took a steer into the right and ran down the hallway. Phineas had hoped desperately for a elevator, but remained obvlious of where he was to even know where the elevator could be. He took a dart into another hallway and still saw no elevator. However, he located a door. However, his mind remembered that it was the entrance to Carl's throne room. Phineas then thus remembered where the elevator was and spun back around and slid under Stacy's legs. He had eventually discovered the elevator. He clicked the up button as Stacy's footsteps approached. As the elevator opened, Stacy preceeded to grab Phineas. Yet from the elevator, a girl with long black hair shot Stacy at the right side with her laser gun.

She fell down, releasing Phineas from her grip. Phineas began to come inside, then turned around and took a glimpse at Stacy.

"We have to take her!" Phineas said to Vanessa.

"Sure." Vanesa replied, before helping him lift her heavy body inside.

Vanessa then pressed the number, 000.


"She may not be alive, but I'm not leaving her body in the hands of that idiot." Vanessa stated.

Phineas hugged Vanessa. Vanessa at first took it as shock, then ruffled his hair playfully. The elevator then opend and the two brought Stacy out.

"We can't do this." Phineas referred to Stacy. "We have to get her somewhere safe."

"What's your plan, Phin?"

"I can't seperate, I need a pal."

Vanessa then pulled from her pocket a communicator and said to it. "Ferb, come to 000."

"Understan tenfold Van." Ferb replied. "Lemme just finish this thing here."

"Tell him to get Baljeet too!" Phineas said. "He's in the room with the giant robot."

"And bring Baljeet, room 001."

"Aye aye, sir!" Ferb replied.

"Alright," Vanessa hung up. "Time to take care of business."

Chapter 20: The Final Tide's Approach

Leaving Stacy by the elevator, they told her to play dead so no one would bother her. Phineas and Vanessa made what they would hoped was their final entrance in Carl's throne room. As soon as they entered, Carl greeted them.

"You all don't just give up." Carl sighed. "That's what I love about our nationality, we're like big fun children. We never give up, we always whine and we always demand our toys."

Phineas and Vanessa's eyes turned fierce.

"If you came to bring destruction to my HQ, then you cannot." Carl replied. "The power sopurce is nowhere in your reach."

They made no reply.

"Or just came to beat me up?" Carl asked. "I happened to defeat every one of those crude scientists."

They still made no reply.

"Whatever it is, you're all going to die." Carl said. "I'll beat you both myself with my fists."

Vanessa tightend her fists.

Carl then rose from his throne and slowly approached the two. When he had reached two feet from them, he took a deep sigh.

"Let's finish this." Carl replied, before flinging his fist into Vanessa.

Vanessa grabbed the fist and struggled to push it back. Phineas then grabbed onto Carl's leg and climbed up his body to his face. Carl made no scream but simply tried to use his other arm to grab him. Vanessa then twisted his arm just as Carl threw Phineas to the floor. Vanessa then launched her fist into his stomach. He made no reply, even when Vanessa kicked him aside on the floor. Carl then got up just as Vanessa kicked him once more, before lifting him up and began flinging more fists into his face. Carl then grabbed Vanessa by the thoat and preceeded to choke her mercilessly. Vanessa then launched her foot into Carl, sending him near the winow that Vanessa broke. Vanessa then began swinging more fists into his face before he held him up in the air in triumph. Carl still pertained the same dull expression.

"You've lost Carl." Vanessa spoke softly.

"You may have defeated me, but I still have one cyborg left to destroy you both."

"Not if I finish you first!" Vanessa began to choke him.

"Vanessa, no!" Phineas yelld.

Vanessa turned around.

"He's weaker than he was, there's no need to do anymore." Phineas said


"What did you do?!" Vanessa turned to Carl.

"Only what I'm able to do." Carl grinnd slickly for the first time.

Hearing a sound, she dropped Carl and turned to where she heard the sound. Vaness and Phineas both glared at a platform rising from the floor, with a familiar looking cyborg before them.

"Candace?!" Phineas gasped.

"One more twick up my sleeve," Carl smiled. "I may not have the power source, but she's enraged enough to the point she would want to kill you both."

Phineas' bewildered eyes fixed on her alternate sister. "Can-"

The cyborg lifted the pawm of her hand towards Phineas.

"Candace, no!" Vanessa ran towards Phineas and moved him out of the way.

They both managed to escape the laser.

Carl grinned. "Today, you meet everything you caused pain to you, now hear to bring it all back to you!"

"Candace, I'm sorry!" Vanessa said to her. "I've changed!"

Candace made no reply and instead fired more lasers. Vanessa grabbed Phineas and dodged them.

"It's all that's needed!" Carl laughed. "The former leader of the Resistance to destroy half of the prophecy!"

"Candace, what about everything you had for us!" Vanessa yelled as she dodged more fires.

Candace still made no reply.

"This isn't the Candace we know!" Vanessa replied.

Phineas' mind clickd. "Van, the power source room!"


"She's under control by it." He said. "Candace would never do this!"

Vanessa replied. "Alright, I hope you know what to do!"

Vanessa barged into the factory. Every light was on as they ran down the bridge.

"Capture them!" Carl's enraged voice spoke.

Once they had made it to the device, Phineas quickly began rewiring it . "I usually have Ferb to do this with!"

"We don't have time to get him!" Vanessa groaned, standing next to him.

"Okay!" Phineas began rewiring.

Footsteps got closer.

"I was only able to do this around 10 minutes!" Phineas exclaimed. "I can't do it in seconds!"

Vanessa replied, before running towards the cyborg. "I'll do this!"

Vanessa flung her fist, before it was grabbed by Candace's own and twisted. Vanessa then unleashed her foot into her body. It ached her foot, but she was pushed back onto the floor. The cyborg arose, before Vanessa hit the human part of her face. Then, the cyborg grabbed Vanessa and slammed her head into her's. Vanessa fell down, unconscious. The cyborg then approached Phineas.

"I need more time, Va-" Phineas turned to see the cyborg in front of him.

The cyborg then grabbed Phineas by his shirt and prepared to slam a fist into his face.


The cyborg's eyes remained focused on Phineas.

"Stacy?!" Phineas yelled.

Stacy, the cyborg, fired a laser at Candace. The cyborg then fell down, releasing Phineas. Phineas then saluted to Stacy, before running off to the power source.

As the cyborg rose from the floor, Stacy knocked her back down. Candace then pulled her leg and then began stomping on her.

"Phineas!" Stacy yelled.

"I'm trying!" Perspiration rushed down Phineas' face as e re-wired the system.

Stacy groaned as Candace came close to making her final stomp. Abruptly, Candace stopped.

"Got it!" Phineas grinned, before he rushed to the scene. "You guys!"

Candace sun around. "Phineas, what happened?"

"You were brain-washed." Phineas replied. "But you're back now."

"Did I-" She pointed to her two friends on the floor.

"Don't worry, we can fix everyone once we get home!" Phineas said. "All you have to do is left them on your shoulder."

Candace, figuring she had the muscles and robot strength, took the two bodies and onto her shoulder. They then ran out of the factory and to the throne room. Carl remained missing, but they hardly took worry of it.

Ferb was at the door, with Isabella, who had Baljeet over her shoulder.

"Sorry guys, but we got in a jam!"

Ferb and Isabella quickly ran alongside them to the elevator. Once the elevator opened, Phineas told Ferb to wait outside. Ferb nodded.

Phineas rushed inside with Candace, Vanessa and Stacy. Ferb waited and took a deep sigh.

"Never thought we would reach this far." Isabella noted.

"We may even reach farther than before." Ferb replied.

Chapter 21: Step One