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Candace Freaking Out In The Deleted Scene
Season: 0
Production code: 401
Broadcast number: 8/19/11
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Invasion of the Waffle Creatures is a fanon P and F episode written by Redoalien.


Phineas and Ferb were eating apples under the tree in the backyard.

Phineas: You know, Ferb, our summer gets harder and harder to remember the more things we do. Like that rollar coaster we built. I can't remember how many times we went threw-up. Do you, Ferb? (Ferb shakes his head.) Oh, Ferb, if only there was some way to remember.

Ferb: Well, if one often forgets, they must retrace their steps.

Phineas: Ferb, I know what we're going to remember today!

Candace walks outside to see the boys rebuilding the Coolest Coaster Ever.

Candace: What are you boys up to?

Ferb: We are building a rollar coaster.

Phineas: That's my line, Ferb!

Candace: Again? How many times do you have to build that infernal contraption?

Isabella walks in.

Isabella: Hey, Phineas. Watcha Doin'?

Candace: Building a rollar coaster.

Phineas: HEY! STOP IT!! Isabella, wanna join me, Ferb, and Candace on the ride?

Candace: There's no way I'm getting on that death machine!!

Phineas: We'll pay you thirty bucks.

Candace: I'm sold!! Where do we start?

Some type of Waffle aliens are watching them ride the coaster.

Waffle Minion 1: Master, it appears some earthlings have made a weapon.

Waffle King: Very well. If it's war they want...Accelerate to warp speed, We are heading to Earth.


Isabella: That was amazing Phineas! (Kisses Phineas!)

Phineas: ISABELLA?!!

Candace: You guys are so busted! There is no way you can make that thing disappear before Mom gets outside! (Runs inside.)

The alien waffle creatures land and destroy the "weapon".

Waffle King: Ha! We have to destroyed you're puny little weapon!

Phineas: It wasn't a weap-

Waffle King: SHUT UUUPP!!!

Isabella: Don't talk to my Phineas like that!!

Phineas: What?

The creatures surrond them. Candace comes outside pulling Linda.

Candace: She mom, a rollar coaster! No, It was here I swear!

Linda: Swearing's not nice, Candace!

Ferb: Um..Hello...Dying over here!

Candace and Linda: Oh, Right.

A laser comes out of nowhere and destroys the waffle aliens. Everyone looks to see Agent P.

Linda: I don't remember buying Perry a hat.

Isabella: Oh, There You-

Phineas: Don't even think about it!

The End

Deleted Scene

Candace walks outside to see the waffle creatures.

Candace: What the Heck?!

Waffle King: Who the heck is that creepy beast?

Candace: My name is Candace Flynn. And if anyone's going to bust my brothers, It's ME!!

She makes a freaky face at them which causes them to fly away scared.

The End

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