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This story is being currently fixed and probably will not be back up for a while until it is completed. I'm sorry.

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P.S It's just under construction, so it should be up later, it's not gone forever

Phineas and Ferb: A New Beginning is an upcoming story to be written by Disneygirl94.. Disneygirl94 will make the edits. Please do not edit any of these stories. This user will do it later. This story revolves alot around Ferb and Emily, and Phineas and Isabella. Here is a Summary for this story: In this story, Phineas, Ferb, and their friends are now in their twenties and Candace and her friends are in their thirties. Candace and Jeremy have their daughter Amanda, and Phineas is nervously about to get ready to propose to Isabella Garcia Sharpio. Phineas asks her, and she happily accepts. They then get engaged, and just about a week or more later, Ferb proposes to Emily Kinney to which she accepts. Later, after Phineas and Isabella's wedding, Isabella will eventually have four children named Adrian, Marie, Julia, and Austin Flynn. Adrian being the oldest. And Austin the youngest. Once Ferb and Emily are married, they have three children named, Elisabeth, (whom they sometimes call Lizzie), David, and Thomas.

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