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Phineas and Ferb's on the Roadtrip

That morning, Phineas, Ferb and Isabella were packing up to go on a roadtrip.

Phineas: You know, guys. Do you remember this summer vacation that we went on vacation?

Isabella: I do! I went with you guys when I was 7.

Ferb: I was 8!

Phineas: I was 5!

Isabella: I gonna bring my iPod Touch!

Ferb: My new camera!

Phineas: My guitar, spring, oragami, new sandals and swimtrunks.

Isabella: (scream) I found my bathing suit. Wait here!

She runs back to her house.

Vivian: Hi, Isabella. Where ya goin'?

Isabella: On vacation with Phineas and Ferb!

Vivian: That's nice. Okay. Have fun!

Isabella: Ok.

Back at the boys' house...

Isabella: Got my swim trunks! Ferb does too!

Ferb gives a thumbs up.

Linda: Alright, guys!

Lawrence: Time for vacation!

To Be Continued...

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