Phineas, Ferb & the gang meet the Simpson family. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz and Perry go to Moe's to meet the characters from the Simpsons while Mark works as Mr. Burns' substitute.




Phineas and Ferb in The Simpsons style
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End Credits

During the end credits, there is a collage of clips of Homer yelling "D'oh!" set to an instrumental version of the Phineas and Ferb theme. During the end logo, Homer's voice yells, "Marge! Phineas and Ferb are digitally tuning my voice!"


  • The intro is a combination of the Simpsons intro & the Phineas & Ferb intro, with the Phineas & Ferb theme song having a Simpsons arrangement by Danny Elfman being the couch gag. At the end of the couch gag, Phineas & Ferb appear in the Simpson house, then Candace enters from the side & yells "MOM! Phineas & Ferb are in a Simpsons couch gag!".
  • The part where Candace & Bart go skateboarding off a steep hill in Springfield is a reference to the episode "Bart's Girlfriend", where Bart & Jessica do the same. The only difference is that Bart got this idea from Suzy & offers it to Candace, who ends up getting stuck in glue.
  • Due to the death of Marcia Wallace, Edna Krabappel does not appear in this episode, however, she is mentioned many times. Same applies to Phil Hartman's characters, Troy McClure & Lionel Hutz.
  • Homer repeatedly saying "D'oh!" to the tune of the theme song, similar to Candace at the end of Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!.

Memorable Quotes

Mark: You're Bart Simpson's nemesis?

Sideshow Bob: You're Phineas Flynn's nemesis?

Mark: Touche.

Kirk: I told that idiot to slice my sandwich!

(wire cuts half of his arm off)

Kirk: Ow, not again!

Adam: Thank you so much for letting us stay.

Marge: And thank YOU for not being a band of hippie murderers.
Homer: And now this again. You bring home two bands of hippie murderers, and suddenly, that's all you're about!
Marge: Well, what do you say we have some lunch?
Phineas: Sounds good, but where's Bart? I thought there were five of you.
Lisa: He's at camp all week. I'm sorry you won't get to meet him.
(Bart suddenly enters the door)
Bart: Got kicked out of camp, I superglued my counselor's buttcheeks together.
Marge: That's terrible! But how did you even get access to his buttcheeks?
Bart: I'm not the only one who got kicked out of camp!
Marge: This is Bart. Honey, your hands are filthy, go wash up for lunch!
Bart: Eat my shorts!
Suzy: "Eat my shorts!", I love that! Is that a popular expression, like Stewie's "What the deuce?"

Ferb: Probably more popular. Probably WAY more popular.

(After Homer gives the donuts to the Flynn-Fletcher family)

Linda: It's very nice of you, mister...
Homer: Simpson. Homer Simpson.
Lawrence: We're the Flynn-Fletchers. Lawrence, Linda, Phineas & Ferb, Candace, and you know, the rest. Perry, I guess.
Homer: Well, enjoy your six donuts.
Candace: Let me have 'em! (takes a donut and eats it) Mmm, donut!
Homer: Wow, that's perfect!
Lawrence: I'll try them too. (takes a donut and eats it) Mmm, donut!

Homer: I think you and I are gonna get along juuuuuuust okay.


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