Phineas & Ferb

Produced by

Mikey and Phineas

Directed by

Dan Povenmire, Jon Colton Bay & John Lasseter

Phineas and Ferb is an upcoming 2012 film based on the Disney Channel Original Series Phineas & Ferb.

The adventures of Phineas Flynn, Ferb Fletcher and their pet platypus.

Movie Summary

Act One

One day in Danville, Isabella was walking to Phineas and Ferb's backyard. "Okay, Isabella," she tells herself. "Time for you to see Phineas and Ferb." She opened the fence door and says, "Hey, guys! Whatcha doin'?" Phineas was playing Uno with Ferb. "Playin' Uno," he replied. Isabella made a frown. "Okay?" Ferb suggested. TBC

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