Phineas & Ferb's Christmas Carol is a 2-D animated Disney Channel Original Movie coming out in 2012. In the film Doofensmirtz as Scrooge & Jeremy as Bob Cratchit.

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  • Doofensmirtz as Scrooge
  • Jeremy as Bob Cratchit
  • Ferb as Himself/Fred/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Phineas as Himself/Ghost of Christmas Future
  • U.K. as himself
  • Candace as Emily Cratchit
  • Xavier as Tiny Tim
  • Fred as Peter
  • Amanda as Martha Cratchit
  • Norm as Jacob Marley
  • Perry & Other agents as Bookkeepers
  • Emily as Clara Scrooge
  • Charlene Doffensmirtz as Belle
  • Isabella as Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Vanessa Doofensmirtz as Fan Scrooge
  • Coltrane as Fezziwig
  • Stacy as Miss Fezziwig
  • Major Monagram as Collector for Poor #1
  • Carl as Collector for Poor #2
  • Buford as Poor Boy #1
  • Irving as Poor Boy #2
  • Baljeet as Poor Boy #3
  • Django as Poor Boy #4
  • Albert as Old Joe
  • The fireside girls as the girls who brought Scrooge's things to Old Joe
  • Ferb's Cousins as the men who were happy Scrooge died


Scrooge (Doof), on Christmas Eve, is warned by Jacob Marley (Norm) that he will be haunted by three sprits. The Past Ghost is played by Isabella, the Present Ghost is played by Ferb, while a kind version of the Future Ghost is played by Phineas. Also, with the help of Bob Cartchit (Jeremy) and is crippled son (Xavier), they open Scrooge's eyes and heart to the joy of Chrsitmas. Ferb will also get a role as Fred. Ferb & Phineas also appear as themselves with U.K., Ferb narrates the story (Dickens was absent), while he is constanly disturbed by Phineas & U.K.


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