A videogame where youy play as Phineas Skywalker and his friends, in a Star Wars-ish version of Danville, and try to save Danville from the evil Doof Vader.


Doof Vader has affected the whole Tristate Area with his latest creation: The Misery-inator, which he's using to turn everyone into his evil Sith Zombies. Now it's up to the young hero Phineas Skywalker to save the day, with his friends.

Playable Characters

Phineas Skywalker (Phineas)

Princess Candace (Candace)

Iseia (Isabella)

Jeet Solo (Baljeet)

(For each defeated Sith Zombie, the following characters become playable):

Bufondo (Buford)

Va Ness (Vanessa)

Djan (Django)

Jen (Jenny)

The Six Shadows (The Fireside Girls)

Marcelina Flynn-Shapiro

Mizti (Mishti)

Min D. (Mindy)

X. Avier (Xavier)

Jere Mio (Jeremy)

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