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Phelan Flynn is Goth's version of Phineas's father.


Life as Phelan

Phelan was a warrior from another planet who came to dwell on and protect Earth.

He met and fell in love with Linda (who coincidentally had the same last name as him). They later married and had two kids: Candace, and Phineas (who was named after Phelan's brother).

Later on, Danville was attacked by currently unnamed enemies and Phelan was killed when he fought them.

Life as Perry

Shortly after his death, a ray believed to be built by Doofenshmirtz hit him...and a platypus that has his mind resulted. (So he is both dead and alive, technically. O_O)

While his ghost is believed to be wandering the earth, he also lives on as a "new person": Perry the Platypus.


He is gone, but sort of lives on in his son, Phineas. (Sounds like Lion King, doesn't it?)

Also, oddly enough, a certain platypus has his mind, because he was coincidentally hit by someone's ray shortly after death...

He looks almost identical to Phineas, except he wears different clothes and his hair is the same color as Candace's hair.

His ghost sometimes appears in stories. He offers advice and guidance, and even defeats an enemy in a possible future story by Goth.


Phin and phelan

Phineas and Phelan.

Phin visits Phelan's grave

Phineas decided to visit his father's grave. :(

Phelan and phineas2

Phelan holding baby Phineas. Thanks Maddyfae!

Phelan and phineas

Thanks Isabella Fanatic!


Alt Phelan and Alt Phineas as ghosts.

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