Not really long ago......... in a neighborhood about two blocks away........ an not-so-epic saga was born............ called PF Star Wars!

The rebels lined up against the walls, and prepared. Prepared for a situation in which most of them would die, but it would be for a good cause, they knew. The front hatch door to the spaceship started to burn. When it no longer existed, Doof Troopers burst through, firing their laser guns, wiping out the rebels. The remaining rebels ran. The Doof Troopers stood against the wall. A tall figure clad in black, with a rounded-triangle shaped head, stepped through the burning doorway. He looked around at the bodies. His name was Darth Doofenshmirtz! "Wow, look at this mess!" He exclaimed, looking at the rebel's bodies. "How many rebels stood waiting for us?" A Doof Trooper replied, " About 52, sir." "Wow, they come prepared." Darth Doof said. "But they are no match for us. Onward!" He and the Doof Troops walked forward, down the spaceship's hallway.

Meanwhile, Baljeet-3P0 and his partner, Phineadroid, were wandering through out the ship when they heard blast shots. "Hmm, I wonder what that was?" Baljeet-3P0 asked. Phineadroid just beeped. That was all he ever did. Then they saw Doof Troopers and rebels shooting at each other with their blasters. Baljeet-3P0 and Phineadroid quickly got into a escape pod and launched. When they looked out the escape pod's window, the saw the ship exploding and shaking. "Well, that definitley doesn't look good." B3P0 said.

Darth Doofenshmirtz walked into the ship's control room. There sat a handcuffed Princess Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. She looked up with hatred at Darth Doof. "What do you want, Darth?" Isabella asked. "You know exactly what I want." Doof replied. "I want the plans!" "Plans? What plans?" Isabella lied. "You know exactly what I'm talk-" Doof was interrupted by a series of coughs. "Sorry, but I want those plans!" Doof turned and exited the room. Isabella looked at the closing door.

Meanwhile, Baljeet-3P0 and Phineadroid were walking in a sandy desert when they were intercepted by aliens who made a living by capturing and selling droids. Back at an old farmhouse, Perry Skywalker emerged from the front door of the farmhouse. He saw the alien's vehicle and called to his aunt and uncle, Linda and Lawrence. "Cluuuuuuck. (Uncle Lawrence, Aunt Linda, the aliens are here!)" Perry's Aunt and Uncle came outside and tried to decide which droids to take. They eventually decided on Baljeet-3P0 and Phineadroid. Perry took them inside and cleaned them up.


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