Agent P

Agent P

The O.W.C.A. (Organization Without a Cool Acronym) or also known as The Agency is a government agency whose mission seems to be to stop mad scientists from carrying out their diabolical plans. While the leadership is human, all of the Agency's agents are all animals, except one brief service by Norm, Agent-in-training Goldfish, Honorary agent Irving, and Gretchen Bennett. Norm was quickly fired.


Agent T

Agent T

Agents are the main core of the O.W.C.A. Each agent is a highly trained, knowing several different styles of fighting including a variety of martial arts. They are easily identified by their brown fedoras, and some nemises of the agents can't even recognize them without them. Agents each have their own nemesis, in which they are assigned the specific duty of stopping that nemesis when they are doing something evil. This rule does not always apply, as sometimes, if necessary, an agent may be assigned another mission not involving that nemesis, such as Agent P, who once needed to pursue his owners carrying an important piece of Agency evidence. That nemesis is possibly picked because of closeness to the Agent's main base. The nemesis can become more than just a mission and in some cases they formed a bond with the agent.Currently every agent is an animal, but their has been at least one who was not. He was a former assassin droid. They used him to find the "borrowed" DVD in a traffic camera that spotted the agent doing missions. Afterwards, he briefly joined the Agency, joining along with Major Monogram and several agents in the song. Then, because it was weird that he wasn't an animal, Major Monogram had Carl fire him.





SS SN tactical SUV

The SS SN or "Super Secret Spy Network," is a division of heavily-armored soldiers of the government under O.W.C.A jurisdiction. They are heavily trained and so are highly agile, being able to work efficiently and effectively in almost any scenario. However, if the agency were to be taken over, they'd easily fall under enemy control as shown by Dr. Doofenshmirtz. The SS SN Armed Soldier leader and the OWCA's weaponry, technological and tactical advisor and dispatcher is Dill. He is not appointed to field work but he handles top-secret war tactics and organized simulations and trainings. Shockwave's elite Anti-Empire team once worked with the SS SN on a mission against Paragon Drenon(Perry the Platyborg).

Training and technology

The Agency has a large and vast array of precautionary tactics in cases of emergencies. Due to the sole basis of the organization is protecting the world, technology is used by agents, and they are trained to be masters of several forms of fighting, including basics to even martial arts. Meetings are held in inner-structure or Agency-wide issues in an underground HQ. Phineas and Ferb Get Busted/At Last!

Their training usually includes usage of technologies. New gadgets are designed every day, and technology are used by Agents in every aspect of their missions. Traveling is a basic form of it, and some Agents use devices that can help them escape some of the most perilous of traps. Some technologies are used for Agents to even enter their bases.

In some fan fictions, there is a special training unit for younger/new agents called the A.I.T (or Agents In Training)


List of known Agents

Major's Monogram Division

Administrative Division

Animal Division

Human Division

Alien Division


  • Task force manager Dill. The one that controls the SS SN armed soldiers. Also the tactical, weaponry and technological advisor of the OWCA. He works more with Major Monogram.

Admiral Acronym's Division


Patty the Platypus

Anna's Division

Charles Division on Seattle and Danville

Professor Prodemious's Division

  • Professor Prodemious
  • Unnamed duck
  • Unnamed dog
  • Unnamed pig
  • Unnamed Raccoon

Inspector Initials' British Spy Union

Sgt. Garcia-Shapiro's Military Division No. 46231

Super Agents


  • Agent T (Deceased) (Major's Monogram Division)
  • Norm (fired) (Major's Monogram Division)
  • Agent D (revoke) (Major's Monogram Division)
  • Donald the Dragon (Fired) (Charles Division)
  • Agent B (Fired) (Wanda's Division)
  • Destructisaur (Fired) (Major's Monogram Division)
  • Mr.Kat (Traitor) (Spy in the O.W.C.A.) (Major´s Monogram Division)
  • Dennis the Bunny (Spy send by Mr. Kat) (Fired) (Major's Monogram Division)
  • Benedict the Worm (Spy sent in by S.A.F.) (Cover Blown) (Major Monogram's Division)
  • Serum the Snail (Spy sent in by S.A.F.) (Cover Blown) (Major Monogram's Division)
  • Wendy the wolf (sabatoged a mission) (Major Monogram's Division)

New Agents

New Agents from Kim Possible

  • Agent K/Agent Kim (Kimberly "Kim" Possible)

New Agents from Totally Spies

  • Agent A/Agent Alex (Alexandra "Alex" Vasquez)
  • Agent C/Agent Clover (Cloverina "Clover" Ewing)
  • Agent S/Agent Sam (Samantha "Sam" Simpson)

Agents that only appeared in AdamGregory03's fanfic, The New Agents

  • Garfield
  • Odie
  • Snoopy
  • Spunky
  • Tom Cat
  • Jerry Mouse
    Perry and the new agents

    Perry and the agents in the fan fiction.

New Agents from Dora The Explorer

  • Agent B/Agent Boots (Boots The Monkey) Nobita's Enemy
  • Agent B/Agent Benny (Benny The Bull) Gian's Enemy
  • Agent I/Agent Isa (Isa The Iguana) Shizuka's Enemy
  • Agent T/Agent Tico (Tico The Squirrel) Suneo's Enemy
  • Agent S/Agent Swiper (Swiper The Fox) Dekisugi's Enemy

Agents that appeared in MajesticStardustDragon's fanfic

  • Agent U


Time Sweepers

OWCA's Most Wanted

Ten people who disturb humanity a lot:

1:Peter "Hook" Johnson

2:Paragon Drenon

3:Ralph Bachman

4:Drake Famine

(5-10 are unknown)

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