Oraylle Annabeth Marlie Anna "Olga" Anderson was the fifth-youngest child of Wilfreddy Anderson and is 3-years old. She is one of Amarine's younger siblings. She is a huge fan of Melissa because she grew to the same age as Isabella. Olga is still a toddler, but she can speak. She is born as lice along with Chicago Joe, but turned to human.

Remembering Halley's Name

Her friend Halley's full name is Hallabia Ealeray Kairi Delancey Tiara Bellanna Lillyann Maiallah Annabei Quinbey Dawzonn. One of the names is a pun on Delancey, Olga's second older sister, even the second oldest child of Wilfreddy.


Olga is also voiced by Meira Blinkoff, and in singing voice, she is voiced by Tiffany Espensen, Ginger's voice actress.

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