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"Hi Guys! Qué haces, ähhhh, Watcha doin?"
-Nicole Gomez-Shapiro

Nicole Gomez-Shapiro
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: a bit taller than Candace
Nationality: Mexican-Spain
Hometown: Mexico: Unknown (Went to Danville)
Born: August.10.1995
Nemesis: Doofenshmirtz, Franziska Gomez-Shapiro , Jacqueline Leroy
Professional Information
  Student (Vacation)

Agent (Agent N)

Major: Miss Galan , Major Monogramm
  O.W.C.A , Organización de Mexican Agentes K.I.G
Friends and Family
Miranda Gomez-Shapiro (Mom)

Juan Gomez-Shapiro (Dad)

Franziska Gomez-Shapiro

Marie Gomez-Shapiro

(See Nicole Shaw-Gomez )
(See Nicole Shaw-Gomez )
Pets: Ceesy (Chihuahua) male,

Mira (Chihuahua) Female (Are not Agents)

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Die Neue in Danville (The new Girl in Danville)
Nicole is a 15 years old teenage-girl, and is the cousin of Isabella. Like Perry,she works at the O.W.C.A. as secret agent and works with him together. She has got a little sister Franziska wich like Candace, wants to bust Nicole with her inventions.

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Nicole is single and doesn´t want a boyfriend. Still useable, she has close friendships:

Phineas and Ferb

She like the two brothers and their inventions. Sometimes she helps to build their projects.

But what she doesn´t know: Ferb has a little crush on her. But she doesn´t know, and it doesn´t annoy her.


She understands well with Candace and help her sometimes with her mission, to bust the brothers.But she does not understand why Candace wants this so much.

Midori Yamanda

Mindori is Nicole's best friend and fellow agents. She lives in Tokyo and moved to Danville for once. (Through a misunderstanding by dismissal, she had to get back to Tokyo) She is happy living with Nicole and makes a lot of nonsense.


Nicole loves her little cousin and wants to spend as mutch time as possible with her. She is also in their Fireside Girls troop and has a lot of fun with the Girls.

Jaqueline Leroy

She hates Jacqueline. The first day Nicole met her,Jacqueline called her 'Dress-Desaster'. They are rivales.


Nicole thinks he is, although he is very neutral, funny. Sometimes she annoy him, but they like together.

Nicole Aussehen

The first Paint-Pic of Nicole

Miriam and Lea

She say, they are cool. Sometimes they also speak Spanish (for fun) with each other. She finds most common being cool because they are more curious and humorous as though most girls her age.


She finds him funny and naïve. She finds his Inventions are absurd and she regret sometimes to have to fight with him with Perry together, because every other evil guy is much more evil and dangerous.

Franziska Gomez-Shapiro

Nicole has not a very good relationship with Franzie, because this is a party pooper, a sneak, and usually the favorite of the parents. Like Candace, she wants to bust Nicole, but it doesn´t work. Anyway, they are not exactly friendly to each other.


Nicole wears a red bow on the left side, a white T-shirt, a red summer skirt and red and blue boots. As an agent she wears spezial yellow top, a Agentenhat, and a Jeans.


Nicole is confident, curious and courageous. Many find she congenial and funny. She is mostly like a normal teenager.


Nicole, when she was 10

When Nicole was aged around 6-7 years, she discovered a small secret compartment in her s
Nicole Aussehen2

Agent-Style (My 2. Paint-Pic)

chool, which led to a secret laboratory hidden. That was the secret agent hiding a teacher at her school. Curious, she looked around and played with the whole Gick-macks. Then, when the teacher arrived later as an agent in hiding, so there was Nicole who had no idea what would be going on. Of course, the teacher had no chance to talk her out it was just a dream or it was just a biology room. Therefore, she was trained to thwart an agent and had plans of evil villains. Now Nicole was already 15 and was still in the team. Only Nicole had to move with her family, could not prevent the company secret agent ``Organización de agentes K.I.G. Mexican. Therefore, the agents gathered to thrash themselves about what should now pass through it. They were decided that Nicole go to the Agentcy O.W.C.A should be included because it is the only agent organization near Danville.

Fireside Girs

In Isabella's age, she was the leader in a Scout group. In the holidays than her aunt attended, she was accepted for 3 weeks in the case of the fire-side initiative 46321. Now it was recorded again and received the position as a "deputy troopleader ´ ´. She likes the girls, but has however not always much time, because she must work as an agent every second day.

Nicole Fireside


  • Loves Mexican food
  • Has a pollen allergy
  • Builds inventions like Phineas and Ferb
  • Is impatient
  • likes playing guitar
  • likes travels
  • HATES blade
  • Her Name 'Nicole' is a similar form of the second Name of Angelina747
  • When she was 13, she was beat by her Boyfriend
  • She has a narph on the left side on her face
  • her second name is Coralia




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