Mr. Fluffypants

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Mr. Fluffypants was the mischievous temporary pet of Heinz Doofenshmirtz in Spa Day. He was named after Heinz's uncle, Fluffypants Doofenshmirtz, who oddly enough, didn't wear pants.


His fur is white, with a black spot on his hind end and tail that looks like pants. His eyes are green and he has very noticeable whiskers.


Mr. Fluffypants is mischievous. Apparently, he hates both of his names, Mr. Cat and Mr. Fluffypants, and prefers to be called Domino.

Domino was actually a rookie secret agent, and his first mission was to thwart Dr. Doofenshmirtz's plans. He succeeded in most cases, but once accidentally hit the "on" switch on Doof's "Gloominator" instead of the Self-Destruct button. He was fired from the O.W.C.A. because of this misunderstanding, but he didn't mind. "Mrrrrow, mew. Purrrrrrr," he said later, concerning the issue. (Roughly translated as, "Oh, I don't care, it was too hard anyway. Got any fish?")



Gretchen, after finding a stray black and white kitten and giving it to her brother, suggested that her mother recruit him in the O.W.C.A. His first mission was to thwart Dr. Doomenshmirtz in whatever way he could.

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