Michiko the Dog
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Gender: Female dog
Age: 5 (Human years), 16 (Animal years)
Nationality: Japanese-American
Hometown: Japan (Left because of adoption, Danville
Born: Nov 10
Professional Information
  Secret agent
  O.W.C.A, The Cyrus family
Friends and Family
Chizumi (Mother)
Akihiro (Older brother)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Beautiful agents
Michiko is an agent or pet in Phineas and Ferb.

Early life

Michiko was born in Japan . When she was young she was taken to the pet store with her family . When the box fell, she and her family were lost. Juliana's mother adopted them and gave them shelter. Juliana was so happy to see her new pet. Juliana wants to stay with Michiko everytime when she eats breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner and having a walk in the park.

O.W.C.A Member

Michiko was also a member of O.W.C.A along with her friends. Her nemesis is Dr. Aron. She also secretly got a crush on Agent D. Her codename is Agent M.


Perry the Platypus

Michiko and Perry are friends but there seemed not closed.

Pinky the Chihuahua

Michiko and Pinky are friends but there closed.

Princess and Selena the Bunny

Michiko's best friends.

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