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Michelle Kentle is mother of Nicole Kentle and wife of Dylan Kentle.

Early life

Michelle was born in Lille, France. She and her parents, Jean and Claire de Vontaine moved to Paris(where they built a hotel), when she was 8, for studies. At the age of 18, Michelle moved to America,in Boston, for studies and f


or the job that was offer to her. There, she met a man called Dylan Kentle and she married with him, and has a daughter, Nicole.

Current Life

Michelle is now working for NASA, as a scientist, at Danville Institute of Research. She has a normal life and a happy family.


  • She has an French Accent, but she doesn't use it a lot, only when she's visiting her parents(or when she's telling some words, like "oui", "au revoir","salut" by accident).
  • She wears hats, as her mother do too.
  • She is an elegant lady.
  • She enjoys gardening and she loves flowers.
  • She hasn't any siblings.
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