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Stuck in an alternate reality, Matt has to play superhero against Danville's newest supervillain--who happens to be his best friend. To get back home, he's going to break some rules, kick some butt, and save Danville.


"Golly, Eric, this was the most unrealistic movie I've ever watched in my 16 years of life," I told my best friend, Eric.

"It's a movie," Eric stated the obvious. He got up and to get the TV remote. "It's supposed to be unrealistic."

"Nuhuh," I stretched down to tie my shoe. I've always found animated movies very...err, dumb. There. I said it.

Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peek A

"Wh--E--Eric?" I stammered. The figure in front of me could not be my friend. Eric was a nice guy! This guy; he was a maniac bent on destroying Danville.

Eric--no, this wasn't Eric at all; he was Deadly Crime--chuckled darkly. "Matthew Hoover. I can't believe it took this long long for you to figure this out."

"Matt, you have to get back here now! Frank says time is almost up," Phineas's voice emmited from my watch.


  • Matt Hoover is Matthew Hoover/MegaMatt; stuck in this alternate reality, he has to keep up his duties of being this Danville's superhero. Is still the same old Matt Hoover, in personality, but happens to be extremely popular at school, which freaks him out.
  • Eric Nevis is Eric Nevis/Deadly Crime; a darker version of the Eric we all know. Secretly jealous of his best friend's popularity, he becomes Danville's number one villain. Abandoned his dream of reverse-engineering when Alternate Matt told him it's impossible.
  • Daisy Hernandez is Margarita Hernandez; a more mellow version of Daisy. Is in love (like every other girl) with MegaMatt, while disliking Matthew. Becomes Matt's close friend while trying to get him back home.
  • Didi Martinez-Hernandez is Diana Hernandez; less girly, and more punk than Didi. Diana hates Frank Fletcher (Ferb), as opposed to Didi. Is slightly smarter than her counterpart.
  • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is Zzy Garcia-Shapiro; Very emo, especially after Phineas tells her he doesn't like her. Swallowed by melancholy, she becomes dark, and her only friend is Diana. (You can read her story here.)

Trivia and Other Random Facts

  • This story was originally a crossover with DreamWorks' Megamind...that obviously did not work out.
  • Matt's alter ego, MegaMatt, is a reference to his Mega Super Form from Team Improbable, but they are not the same alter ego.
  • Daisy was originally going to be the supervillain. Again, this obviously didn't work out, since I can't imagine her being evil...or can I? O.o
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