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Season: 3
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Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
International Debut:
10/10/11 (Germany)

1/10/11 (On Demand Germany) 11/10/11 (On Demand UK) More in the premières section...
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Mitch lands in the backyard and tries to take over the Space-state-area near the shooting star milkshake bar, but Phineas, Ferb and Meap stop him.

International Premieres

10th October 2011 (Disney Channel On Demand Germany)

20th October 2011 (Disney XD Germany)

20th October 2011 (CITV UK)

12th October 2011 (Disney Channel US)

31st October 2011 (Disney XD UK)

1st October 2011 (Disney Channel Korea)

1st November 2011 (Super RTL Germany)

Running gags

Whatcha' doin?

Norm:Whatcha' doin?

Heinz Doofenshmirtz:

What does it look like?

Evil jingle

Doofenshmirtz launched into space!


Credits: J-Pop (Welcome to Tokyo) (Placeholder for Super RTL Germany, from 1st November 2011 to 1st January 2012, as dubbing sessions have been cancelled)

Vanessa (Who?)

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