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In one parallel universe, Meap is an alien of an unknown species referred to
Meap (Anti-Terran Empire)

Meap (Anti-Terran Empire Resistance)

as "Species 1" (Balance of Terror) that leads a galactic security force and a fleet of starships as part of a resistance movement against the Terran Empire, an earth-based empire ruled by Emperor Heinz Doofenshmirtz that seeks the conquest of all other worlds possible. He holds the rank of Fleet Admiral among his group. He is first featured in A New Star is Born, where he fights alongside Captain Phineas Flynn Prime, ex-General Phineas Flynn, and half of the former Terran Empire fleet to end Doofenshmritz's reign once and for all. In Balance of Terror (prequel to The Terran Empire), he is on a survey mission of the Sol System when he makes first contact with earth in 2010; him and his crew are nearly killed and their ship nearly taken by Emperor Doofenshmirtz of the then-United Earth Empire. After that nightmarish event, Meap builds up his fleet to resist the soon-to-be planetary empire with all the power he can muster for his species.

Creator's Comments

  • "I had featured Meap in two of previous stories, but what about Meap in the Terran Empire parallel universe? I had him in uniform similar to a standard command/tactical officer's uniform from Star Trek: The Next Generation with a resistance movement badge and a fleet admiral insignia that I made up so he'd look more professional like the organization he was in to begin with. Basically, I just thought he looked better in some kind of uniform."
  • "In Balance of Terror, I had to some up with something to call Meap's kind when they came into first contact with Terrans. The question was 'what?' So, I remembered that in Star Trek: Voyager, Captain Janeway and the crew of the USS Voyager come across the only species known to successfully resist the Borg--the Borg knew them as Species 8472 (the Undine, as revealed in Star Trek Online). So, I figured that since Meap's kind was the first to come into contact with humans, Doofenshmirtz would simply name them Species 1."
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