Maulik Rai-Tjinder is the youngest son of Baljeet Tjinder, and the only boy in the family. His older sisters are Jasmine Rai-Tjinder, and Mimi Rai-Tjinder. Maulik is much like Baljeet, focused on his studies, but not considered a "Nerd." He adores books and science, and will jump to anything that involves nature. He is super smart, but he is timid because of it. Maulik has curly hair like Baljeet, and wears jean shorts and an orange shirt. (not confirmed on the outfit.)

Phineas and Ferb: A New Beginning

He is seen in this story, talking to Julia about one of their inventions, and how to improve a certain part of it. Another part he is seen is when he is with Jasmine, who is talking to Jacob Flynn, her crush.

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