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Hank Hankerson (father)
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Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford (at times), Irving


Buford (at times)

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Mac Hankerson is a hyperactive, paranoid boy with an addiction to candy.


Mac was once a normal kid until he first got addicted to sweets after licking a candy cane on Christmas. Due to his sugar intake, he soon had an unpleasant experience at the dentist. He was never the same after that.

Mac is known for constantly twitching and stuttering while talking. He has dark blond spiked hair. His main clothing consists of a green hooded sweater and loose, baggy purple pants where one of his pockets is sticking out. He also wears running shoes with untied laces, making him trip sometimes.

Mac is also addicted to candy and other sweets. He struggles with trying to give them up, though more often than not, his temptation gets the best of him. Tasting sugar often makes him snap and go crazy, among other side effects. He is shown to be a very fast runner due to his hyperactivity.


Phineas Flynn

One of his closest friends. He often seeks him and Ferb at times of need.

Ferb Fletcher

Also one of his closest friends.


A gag involves him occasionally seeing Perry in secret agent mode. This makes him think he is hallucinating from his sugar intake.

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Friend; may have a possible crush on her.

Baljeet Patel

Lesser extent friend.

Buford Van Stomm

Frenemy; usually dislikes him.


Lesser extent friend.

Candace Flynn

Has not made any contact with her as of yet.


  • Sugar-free
  • Phineas Who? (cameo)
  • Some Valentine Story
  • Nightmare in Candyland

More coming soon

Background Information

  • He is similar to Tweek from South Park. His stuttering also makes him similar to Porky Pig or Keswick from T.U.F.F. Puppy.
  • In his original design, he had brown hair and wore a striped shirt. His hair was soon changed to blond and his shirt became a sweater.
  • Though he is addicted to candy, he eats other foods as well.
  • In "Sugar-free", he overcame his addiction to sweets. But then got it back when tripped and fell on a piece of gum on the sidewalk.
  • Eating sweets will often make him do one or more of the following:
    • Go insane
    • Talk fast
    • Laugh hysterically
    • and occasionally hallucinate
  • He deals with stress by attending yoga classes.
  • He is slightly timid, but this is toned down in later episodes.
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