Love, Danvillian Style is the 10th episode of The Adventures of Irving and Friends


Albert is having some trouble deciding on what woman he wants, out off all the girls he’s shown romantic interest in, besides Candace since she has Jeremy. So, he decides to try a dating service….which turns out to be run by Doofenshmirtz. After some event, Albert ends up helping Doof try to take over the tri state area, and he has no idea this is Doof. And somehow, the situation makes him realize who he wants to spend the rest of his life with…

Meanwhile, Irving decides that today, he’s gonna try to help everyone in town with whatever problem they have. Eventually, he reaches Coltrane. Apparently, after the events of “Irving Who?”, he’s unhappy about losing Stacy. He doesn’t want her back or anything like that, but now he thinks he may never find love. Irving, despite not wanting to, decides to help him find someone



Running Gags

Ferb’s Line

None .

Too young line

Albert: from my research only evil people build inators. …Are you evil?

Doofenshmirt'z: Yes. Yes I am.


Doofenshmirtz: So you’ll help me?

Albert: Sure, why not? Wait, aren’t I a little young to be helping an evil scientist?

Doofenshmirtz: Eh, as long as I take over the tri state area, you could be in diapers for all I care.

Whatcha Doing?

Irving: Hey Albert, whatcha doing?

Albert: I’m trying to decide on what woman, out of all the girls I’ve shown romantic interesting, I want.

Irving: ….Good luck with that. Your gonna need it.

Background Information

Stacy and Albert start dating in this episode.

Near the end, Albert is knocked out, and has a dream where he is visited by three ghosts, who show him the past, present, and future of his dating life. This is all a parody of the famous story “A Christmas Carol”, with Christmas replaced with dating.

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