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Larry the Lemur is a character from The Adventures Of Irving and Friends. He is Irving's Pet Lemur

Larry The Lemur
[[File:Larry the Lemur|200px]]
Gender: male
Age: Unknown
Born: Unknown
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Nemesis: Rodney
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Albert And The Spy
Voiced by:
Dee Bradley Baker

He is a secret agent, who goes by the codename of Agent L.


In Albert And The Spy Irving purchases Larry from the pet store (though only because they did not carry platypi). In Candace On The Couch, it's revealed that Larry is a Secret Agent, much like Perry and Pinky. It's his first day on the job, and his first mission involves stopping Rodeny, from using his new invention to make himself look better. He ultimately defeats him.


Being a lemur, there's not much to him. However, he is fairly new to the agency. As such , he often makes mistakes and messes things up. More often then not, Rodney will come close to winning, due to his noob-ish ness.


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