Kylie the Koala

Kylie the Koala aka agent K is a grey koala. She has a fluffy pink tummy and a big leather nose. Her eyes are big and blue. She is cross-eyed. Her owner is an Australian girl Megan.
Kylie's owner Megan

Little Megan

Sheila and Kylie in the Sharky Evil Submarine

Agent K and Sheila Sharky

Kylie and Megan

Megan has red hair and black eyes. Usually she wears a yellow dress with green flowers. Meg loves Kylie for her cutiness. She always hugs the koala when she sleeps. The girl loves playing with Kylie, putting her into a doll house, dressing up and so on. Kylie gets tired of this!

Professor Sheila Sharky

Sheila Sharky is the Enemy of Kylie the Koala. She has blue hair and blue eyes. She breeds sharks that hunt surfers. Her favorite color is sea blue. Her dream is to take over the world and flood it. She hates Kylie, but cannot look into her eyes - they're so cute and so blue...

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