Kyla Dominique Bernsen
New Kyla Bernsen
She looks kinda youthful
Gender: Female
Age: 49
Height: Slightly Taller than Linda
Nationality: American
Hometown: Los-Angeles (Former), Danville (Current)
Born: Feb 7, 1965
Professional Information
Major: Modeling and Acting Skills 101
  The Bernsen Family
Friends and Family
Michelle Carter(Mother)
Darwin Bernsen(Husband)
Carla Bernsen(Younger Child), Nicholas Bernsen(Eldest Child)
Pets: Shannon the Platypus
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Mother's Love

"When you lose something that is important to you, you'll become lonely "
-Kyla Bernsen

Kyla Bernsen (née Carter) is the mother of Carla Bernsen and Nicholas Bernsen, was the wife of Darwin Bernsen, and the daughter of Michelle Carter.


Kyla is described as kind-loving,caring,good and hard-working mom. She is shown to have a very passionate personality and very loyal to others. She shown every work she done to support her family even though she sometimes act like a teenager.

Like all Parents,she is very sympathetic and loves to join on music clubs because of her musicality and her knowledge for music. She is shown to very light-sleeper and doesn't get tired of words.

When she was a teenager,she is very manipulatrive and selfish person who likes to bully around and do some stuff that are crucially bad and evil. 


Linda Flynn-Fletcher

Kyla and Linda were major rivals when they were Teenagers, but when her personality changed, she and Linda became best friends. Sometimes Kyla gives Linda some Cookies.

Carla Bernsen

Carla is the daughter of Kyla. During the time when Carla was young, Kyla had a difficult problem of raising Carla because she was Carla was very hyperactive. When Carla became a young-adult woman, Kyla showed love and affection to her daughter just to encourage her.

Nicholas Bernsen

Nicholas is the son of Kyla. Kyla was having problems with her Son. He always wants a high-allowance to buy something expensive. Unless Kyla wanted to send him to a Church School. But Kyla still showed her love to Nicholas even if he's buying expensive things.


  • Favorite Food - Spaghetti
  • Favorite Color - Scarlet
  • Allergic to - Dust
  • Favorite Flower - Daisy
  • Favorite Gemstone - Ruby


Kyla has Black updo ponytail hair with framing her face and she has sparkly violet eyes. She has a slender figure which Linda describe as Thin Woman. She is very tall also.her normal attire is consists of Beige Puff-Sleeve shirt with Gray Vest, Black Pants and Brown Shoes.


  • Sometimes Kyla is addicted to Goth Fashion.
  • When her father died and her personality change this is a reference from Fairy Tail when Mirajane's sister died, her personality change.
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