King Bumpershirtz is a Member of the (Doofenshirtz) Family

(Bumpershirtz) was the Family Name in that time but now its (Doofenshirtz).


King Bumpershirtz was a King in Germany he was very Famous in his time or (Zeit)

as the word time is called (Zeit) in German . King Bumpershirtz was not evil but was a mean king

and did't care for the Poor People in Germany because he wanted (Geld) Money in German

and also he had a huge castle he also named it Der Deutsch Burg as in English (The German Castle) King Bumpershirtz came down with a illness and died On June 3rd 1432 .

King Bumpershirtz


Tom Lee

Appeared in :

Our Ancestors (flashbacks)

Death :

June 3 1432


October 3 1336


King of Germany

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