In the future, Jiggle Pein is a member of the O.W.C.A. While often sometimes wild and absurd, he is a extremely powerful agent, who sometimes messes up on missions. He is also an alien.

For short, he can be called Agent JP.

Early Life

In the planet Zustafar, he was created by aliens. The aliens, who owned a cherry soda company, who wanted a appealing mascot for children. However, they rejected Jiggle Pein and threw him into orbit. Eventually, a human found him and named him Jiggle Pein after a Tuff Gum's name which was now "Jiggle Pein".

First "Mission"

One day, Jiggle Pein chased a agent one day into the O.W.C.A headquarters. He caused much trouble and Major Monogram found him a nuicance. They abruptly sent him to a trash can.

A garbage truck then took the trash can Jiggle was in. Though having the opportunity to leave the truck, Jiggle Pein enjoyed the experience. When he reached Doofensmirtz's garbage can, he heard weird noises and was fascinated. After he hopped off the truck and went insode Heinz's building in search for the source of the sound.

Eventually, he discovered it was Doofensmirtz' inator acting weird. He then went towards the inator and pulled it apart, believing the sound was something he could grab. Disappointed he could not grab it, he ripped the inator apart. When Doofensmirtz tried to stop him, but Jiggle sprayed cherry soda from his cannon arm. When the soda hit Doofensmirtz, it froze ice solid, trapping Doofensmirtz in it.

The alien then ran off in rage, before the O.W.C.A too him and made him a agent for defeating Doofensmirtz.


Often wild and crazy.


He is red gelatin looking creature. His stomach and right arm are made of metal. He also wears goggles highly identical to steampunk goggles.


Immensely enjoys cherry soda and watching daytime soap operas.


Can stretch his left arm to amazing lengths. His right arm serves as a blaster that fires cherry soda that turns to solid cherry soda ice when it hits its target.

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