Jenny's Dream of Broadway is a song sung by Jenny and Irving in Irving: The Ultimate Phineas and Ferb Fan Club Promotional TV Show!!!!!'s episode: New York, New York!


(music starts off slow) Jenny: Every since I was girl, down in Ohio.

I always had a slight dream.

I always wanted to go,

To the Broadway streeeeee-e-eeeets.

I see all the signs say,

That way is Broadway!

(music stops)

Dramatic pauses rock!

(music restarts, but now faster and more upbeat)

It's my dream of Broadway,

They say it's that way,

At Broadway,

There's no other way,

At Broadway,

Time for perform-a-ing

At the place, at New York,

It may seem like I'm a dork,

But theres one thing I really want to do,

Irving: And she's about to say it to you.

Jenny: Oh yeah,


(Irving: Oh yeah, oh yeah!)

It is the Broadest Way!

This place is called Broadway,


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