Jasmine Rai-Tjinder often nicknamed "smarty" by Julie, is the best friend of Lynnette Flynn and good friends with Phineas and Ferb's kids. She is usually heard talking to Julie on her cell phone or at Lynette's house. She is also the older sister of Mimi and Maulik Rai-Tjinder

Personal Life

Jasmine Rai is the future daughter of Baljeet Tjinder and Ginger Hirano. Jasmine is 12 years old, She is usually seen hanging with the Flynn children, and considers Lynette to be her best friend.She helps Phineas and Ferb's kids with thier inventions. She might have a small crush on Jacob Flynn.

Physical Appearance

Jasmine looks exactly like Baljeet,has dark brown hair only with curly waves,She wears a purple ribbon that is tied around her hairJasmine also has a gold circle earrings and a pair of white stockings paired with purple dress shoes on her legs. She also has light skin, brown eyes and long black hair,she wears a purple v- neck and a white short.


Jasmine is very smart, and a straight 'A' student.She is great at math, passive, and very polite. He enjoys trivia, learning, and has a compelling need to get good grade.She's considered a nerd and, for her, to get an F on a math test is the scariest thing known to man,Jasmine is an intelligent girl, and she tries hard to make things better,She is very technical,She can become very impatient and

  • She tries his best to do things right also Jasmine can sing very well.

Other Imformation

She's an indian girl, the daughter of Baljeet and his wife, different people believe in different relationships, such as Baljeet and Mishty, Baljeet and Ginger, and many others. She is fun loving and just like Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, she will come to Marie Flynn and Thomas Fletcher's backyard where they build things like Phineas and Ferb "used to."
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