Jacob Flynn (Far Right)
Future Flynn Family
Gender: Male
Age: 12-13
Nationality: American
Hometown: Danville
Friends and Family
Phineas Flynn (Father)
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Mother)
Lynnette Flynn (Sister)
Julia Flynn (Sister)
Jacob Trevor Flynn is Phineas and Isabella Flynn's son. He is the oldest out of three children. His siblings are Lynnette and Julia Flynn.

Jacob is a triangle headed boy, short for his age, and he has a higher pitched voice. Instead of red hair like Phineas's, he has raven black like Isabella's. He sometimes uses her catchphrase; "Whatcha' Doin?". He helps his sisters Lynnette and Julia, along with his cousins, David, Lizzie, and Thomas Fletcher bulid summer inventions. He usually is seen hanging out with David Fletcher and Jasmine Rai. (Who currently has a small crush on him.)


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Jacob is the black haired boy on the left. By Josefina P.

Future Flynn Family
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