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Isabella walks in to the Flynn-Fletcher`s house while Phineas and Ferb creating a Life Creator.

Isabella:Watcha doin?

Phineas:Creating life!

Isabella:Isn`t that,Uh,against the laws of nature?

Phineas:Not really,were just mixing a variety of DNA strands into this chicken egg to grow a new pet.Cause you know,Perry`s gone all the time.But of course,we could never replace Perry

Ferb:Nor would we want to.

Phineas:Right! But it might be fun for the times Perry`s gone.It`s already starting to...

The egg cracks...and it turned out an animal that has shell like a snail and the body is a cat.

Isabella:Aww,It`s so cute!What are you gonna call him?

Phineas and Ferb:Barry!

After that Candace was spying on them.

Candace:Well,well,well.Looks like It`s busting time!


♫Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorperated♫

Doofenshmirtz:Behold!My Evil-Inator! It makes anything evil that it---

And Perry broke the machine.

Doofenshmirtz:Hey!You didn`t even wait for my tragic backstory-slash-evil monologue!Oh I got ripped off.

Back in the backyard...

Candace:Hey you guys better head inside.I saw...Uh...Baljeet and Buford doing a foxtrot.


And the ray in the Evil-inator shot Barry,so he`s evil and Candace grabs it.

Candace:Come with me,my cute little evidence! It`s busting time!

As Candace showing it to her mom,Barry is getting bigger....


(She went to the kitchen )Candace:Mom!

(She went to her parents` room)Candace:Mom!Where are you!This little thing is getting.....

(She saw that Barry is a monster)

...Heavy AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They`ve created a monster!And not just metaphorically! I`ve got to get it to mom!

(She`s keep running and Barry grew wings)Forget it!No bust is worth this!

(And she get an umbrella to attack Barry.But Barry`s gone after that.And Candace went out to the backyard and panicking)

Get it away! Get it away from me! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

(And Phineas,Ferb and Isabella just looked at her)

Phineas:There`s nothing there,Candace,and no foxtrotting friends in the house either,by the way.

(Candace looks like being haggard after that.)

Candace:It was your pet thingee.I--I had it..And then,all of a suuden--

(And Candace showed its actions)

RAAAAHR! FIIISSSSS! GROOAR! And it followed it..and then it was gone!

Phineas:Oh,good!We were gonna set it free too.It didn`t seem right to keep it cooped up as a pet.

Candace:But but but...

Phineas:It`s okay Candace,really.We have Perry.

Candace:But but but...

(Perry chatters)

Phineas:Oh,there you are,Perry

Candace:I hate my life.

(And it showed that Barry flew out to the sky)

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