Irving Who? is the 8th episode of The Adventures of Irving and Friends


When Irving gets amnesia, Phineas and Ferb must help him get his memory back. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz creates A Bean-Inator so he can bean everyone in the head with a baseball. And Albert has a run in with Coltrane makes a bet with him to see who can get a girl first and Candace tries to find a boy for Jenny.



Running Gags

Where’s Perry?

Candace: Okay. But that does give me an idea...Jenny, I know what you're gonna do today!

Jenny: Hey, where's Perry?

Ferb’s Line

Phineas: Oh, great. Guys! It looks like Irving's lost his memory!

Ferb: How cliché.


Phineas: Please! You have to remember me!

Irving: I don't.

Ferb: Blimey.

Too Young line


Whatcha Doin?

Isabella: Whatcha doin'?

Phineas: We're making our own baseball field!

Doof's reaction To Perry

Doofenshmirtz: Perry The Platypus, how unfortunate. And by unfortunate, I mean COMPLETELY FORTUNATE!

Memorable Quotes

Coltrane: Wait, you got a kiss from Stacy? How is it that you got a kiss from her before I could?

Albert: Maybe because I'm more interesting and more of a ladies' man than you?

Coltrane: What is THAT supposed to mean?

Albert: I mean I'm more interesting! I act very mean to my little brother, but I will help him out if he benefits me. I'm a jerk with a heart of gold! You? You're boring. The only reason you exist is because Stacy needed a significant other. You're a nice guy, you can help her out in her time of need...and that's about it. You're flat and boring! You're a big bore. That is the reason you stink.


Phineas': Buford, we have to get his memory back no matter what.

Buford: Whatever floats your ship.

Phineas: Don't you mean boat?

Buford (grinning)': No.

Phineas: O...kay...


Buford: We can bonk him on the head like in the cartoons!

Phineas: Buford, this isn't a cartoon.

Buford: I know. It's a fanfic BASED on a cartoon. Duh!


Nagging Wife': I can't believe you sold that bug spray store and bought a sporting goods store and forgot to buy any sporting goods! I mean, what did you thin think...baseballs are gonna land on my head, aren't they?

Husband: Bingo.

(A bunch of baseballs landed on her)

Husband: At this point, I should just retire.

Background Information

The Author would like to point that anything said about Coltrane is not how he feels about and he just put that speech for fun

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