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Irving (Last Name Unknown) is the Science Officer aboard the ISS Phineas, the
Irving (Terran Empire)

Lieutenant Commander Irving (Last name unknown) (Science Officer aboard the ISS Phineas)

flagship of the Terran Empire, an earth-based empire that seeks the conquest of all worlds possible. He is ranked at Lieutenant Commander in this universe and is a minor character in The Terran Empire, A New Star is Born, and Balance of Terror. His uniform is similar to that of the Star Trek (Original Series) episode Mirror, Mirror in that he has a blue sciences uniform, a dagger in his gold belt, and various accomplishment badges and medals. He also carries a disruptor pistol on his belt. He is not mentioned in The Terran Empire, but his presence is implied in that the crew of the USS Phineas' parallel universe counterparts are those of the ISS Phineas. He is mentioned in A New Star is Born when he is injured in a space battle in a nebula and as a minor character in Balance of Terror.

Creator's Comments (Tiberius64)

  • "Although I never mentioned him in The Terran Empire at all, I knew I had to make some parallel universe counterpart for Irving. I don't know Irving's personality very well beyond the fact that he's a little geeky and is Phineas and Ferb's biggest fan. In this universe, Irving underwent the same kinds of tough forms of indoctrination as his friends and is now hard and overconfident in the might of the Terran Empire. He holds a higher rank than his Prime Universe self and is aboard the empire's flagship, so it can be implied that he is a good fighter like his friends (and needed to be to survive the empire's brutality)."
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