Irving's Fan is the 9th episode of The Adventures Of Irving and Friends


Irving meets Irwin, his biggest fan. At first he seems cool, but he turns out to be very creepy. To make things worse, he is friends with Thaddeus and Thor . Meanwhile, Doof builds an "Obsess-inator", but trouble occurs when it hits norm, and things get...creepy,

Running Gags

Too Young Line

Irving:So, you heard what I said?

Irwin: Indeed, I did. And you heard what Thaddeus said back there.

Irving: Yes. Yes I did.

Albert: Of course! Candace, you're a genius!

Candace: I am?

Irving (sighing): Yes. Yes, she is...

Norm: You said it yourself. I'm nothing but a "stupid, klutzy waste of space."

Doofenshmirtz: Oh, come on, Norm, I didn't mean that!

Norm: Yes. Yes you did.

Where's Perry?

Irving: That was odd

Albert: Hey, Where's Perry?

Ferb's Line


Doof's Reaction To Perry

Doofenshmirtz: Ah, Perry the Platypus, what an outstanding entrance! And by outstanding I mean COMPLETELY STANDING!


The opening scene mirrors the opening scene to "Hide and Seek"

Doof finally uses the snow blog trap (Journey to the center of candace)

Norm has a picture of when Doof was a single cell organism (Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian vacation)


This is the first appearance of Irwin

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