Interplexing Beacon

Borg constructing an interplexing beacon on the Enterprise-E's navigational deflector dish (Star Trek: First Contact)

While not shown in picture in any story, an interplexing beacon is a piece of technology that can send a message back through time. It is originally from the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994), the TV show Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001) and the movie Star Trek: First Contact (1996). In those shows/movies, it is actually a small internal component of a Borg drone that enables it to receive a message from different time periods, although in First Contact, the Borg attempt to create one large one from the Enterprise-E's navigational deflector dish to contact some Borg in the Delta Quadrant from the past. In user Tiberius64's story An Interplexing Future, it is implied that one can send a whole solid object through time with an interplexing beacon (a deviation from that of Star Trek), which is why a moderately-large object containing a hologram projector and time travel portal generator could be sent from 2030 to 2014 all in one piece.

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