A normal day, breeze flowing, almost the start of school. Phineas and Ferb, at age 17, have nothing to do. It has been quoted by Ferb that they have done everything. Phineas disagrees, he knows something will pop up! Luckly Phineas was right, a new girl moved in a couple blocks away. Not knowing this, Phineas and Ferb, were in for a treat. Apparently it was their lucky day.


"Ferb... There is nothing to do!" Phineas mumbled to his brother "We gotta think of something to do, or school is gonna tackle us." Ferb rolled his eyes. "Bro, face it, we have done everything, lets just go inside and watch T.V." Ferb tried to convince his brother. Phineas wasn't listening, he was to busy looking in the glass door. Seeing his mother go in the living room.

I saw my mother open the door, "Oh! You must be Brooke! I'm glad you here. Would you like some refreshments?" I heard my mom say, but I could barely here her. "Sure! Thanks Mrs Flynn-Fletcher, I appreciate it!" I hear as signaling my brother to get up and go inside.

"Hey Mrs. Flynn Fletcher, who are they?" I heard, apparently, "Brooke" say. "Oh, dear those are my son and step son, but my daughter should be coming down in about minute..." Mom said coming in with a cup of tea. As we come in, "Phineas, Ferb... This is Brooke Paige!" Mom beamed (for some strange reason!) "She moved in a couple blocks away a few days ago!" Brooke grinned "Hey" I said, "Hello" Ferb faintly said.

Brooke held out her hand to shake it. I shook it, then she held her fist out. At first i questioned her move, but then i realized we needed to pop (press fists together) lock (turn our fists) and fly away (to direct our hand in the other deriction whuile waving our fingers) So we did that... Then Brooke directed her hand towards Ferb. Then held out her Pinky finger, turns out it was some weird british signal (Note from author: I MADE THAT UP! :D) "Wanna come over to my house?" Brooke questioned, i wanting to go, Ferb wanting to go. "Sure" Ferb and I said.


We wandered to my house, which was just around the corner!

"Yeah...I know right" As Phineas and Ferb were in awe of my house. Since our family is rich and my dad is the owner of a cigar factory, we make a lot of money... So we basicly have a mansion... "OMG YOUR HOUSE IS HUGE!!!" Phineas blurted out. I could tell he was amazed, "Wanna go inside?" I said as if i was some producer offering a contract, and finally letting the lucky person into the studio!!! When we went inside, and we wandered off into the living room!(I WILL EDIT ASAP! PLZ DONT EDIT!!!!)

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