The ISS Phineas PF-01 (Flynn Class)

The ISS Phineas PF-01 is a cold fusion-powered Flynn Class starship that is recognizably similar to the USS Phineas of the Prime Universe. The ISS Phineas is the flagship of the Terran Empire, an earth-based empire in a parallel universe that seeks the conquest of all other worlds possible. It was constructed in the Doofenshmirtz Shipyards in 2010 as the first prototype warp-powered starship for an imperial navy of starships (Balance of Terror). It has the same general design as the USS Phineas, but has more torpedo tubes that protrude from the saucer hull, both fore and aft. It also has the Terran Empire insignia and a yellow-rimmed saucer. It was used by the Terran Empire counterparts of Phineas and his friends in The Great Temporal Battle against their Prime Universe selves in The Terran Empire. It suffered a hull breach where some of its Fireside Girl engineering crew nearly perished by being sucked out into space from the hull compromise. It aided the anti-Terran Empire opposition in A New Star is Born, where Emperor Heinz Doofenshmirtz is peacefully dethroned.


The Terran Empire, A New Star is Born, and Balance of Terror


  • Captain/General Phineas Flynn
  • Commander Ferb Fletcher (First Officer/Helmsman)
  • Commander Isabella Flynn (Communications)
  • Lieutenant Commander Irving (Last Name Unknown) (Science Officer)
  • Dr. (Lieutenant Commander) Baljeet Rai (Chief Engineer/Agony Chamber Master)
  • Major Buford Van Stomm (Weapons Console)
  • The Fireside Girls Engineering/Medical Crew
  • Possibly Other Unnamed Security Personnel

Technical Specifications

The ISS Phineas Technical Illustration


  • Total Length: 275 ft.
  • Hull (Saucer) Diameter: 150 ft.
  • Full Height: 62 ft.
  • Hull (Saucer) Height: 50 ft.


  • Captain's Yacht: 1
  • Standards: 3

Speeds (c = speed of light)

*Note: Error on the Picture (Uses ST:TOS measurements instead of TNG-DS9-VOY measurements)

  • Cruising Speed: Warp 8 (190,464,000 Mi./Sec.), or 1,024c
  • Maximum Speed: Warp 9 (281,976,000 Mi./Sec.), or 1,516c


  • Standard Phasers: True (come from 270-Degree phaser bank on top of and underneath saucer)
  • Standard Mark IV Torpedoes: 100
  • Standard Mark IV Photon Torpedoes: 50
  • Standard Mark IV Disruptors: 25


  • Warp Core: True
  • Power Source: Cold Fusion/Matter-Antimatter Reaction


  • Warp Nacelles: 2
  • Impulse Power Unit: True
  • Shields: True (260 MHz)
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