I’m crazy is a song from Krazy Kandace


Why am I locked up in this place?

Do I LOOK insane? Is it written on my face?

I assure you I am not insane!

I'm just CRAZY!

Bouncin up and down the walls!

Just call me crazy!

Runnin screamin down the halls!

I don't know why I feel so CRAZY!

I guess I'm just a little bit under stress

From my two brothers and my nonbeliever mother!

Just call me crazy!

I'm not insane,

And even if I was I don't know who to blame

For me going crazy!

Bouncin up and down the walls!

Freakin out! Screamin, ravin, rantin...

Because I'm crazy!
Yeah I said it! I'm crazy!

Someone please help me break outta this cell!

I'm goin insane as I'm sure you can tell!

I'm goin crazy!

Just tell me what to smash,

What to crash,

What to bash!
Because I'm crazy!

Said it out loud, said it once said it twice!

I'm not proud believe me it doesn't feel nice
To be crazy!
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