Her 1st day in Danville part 3

Lilly: :O

Phineas: -blushes-

Lilianna: Ummmm....Oh, this must be Phineas.

Lilly: WHAT! Did you see anything?

Lilianna: -YAWN- Hmmm..look at the time looks like someone needs...a bedtime story.

Lilly: Ummm...I -gasp- hehe umm I'll see you later Phineas.

Phineas: -confused- Okaaaay?

Phineas: -leaves-


Lilianna: Oh I'll tell you once you tell me!

Lilly: I don't know...he just kissed me I didn't do anything and I'm telling the truth.

Lilianna: Ok..all I saw was you like this :O and Phineas blushing. Now come on I have a bf I know what these things mean.

Lilly: You do got a point.

Lilianna: Mhmm...now go to bed.

Lilly: It's only 9:30?

Lilianna: Sooo..

Lilly: Point taken. -turns off light and goes to sleep-

-9:30 in the Morning-

Lilianna: LILLY, PHINEAS, AND FERB AND.... -whispers- Isabella ARE HERE GET UP!!!

Lilly: -groans- Coming!

Lilly: -gets dressed and goes down stairs then she see's Isabella- WHAT...HOW....DID ....WH-

Phineas: Ummm let's explain over breakfast.

-During breakfast-

Phineas: Izzy do you want to say something to Lilly?

Isabella: Hmmmm...no.

Phineas: ISABELLA.

Isabella: FINE..I'm sorry I made you cry..it's just I really like Phineas and got a little mad so..can you forgive me?


Phineas: Well, I'm glad you two made up.

Ferb: -gives thumbs up-

Phineas: Soooo.......Isabella and Ferb do you mind if I talk to Lilly alone?

Ferb & Isabella:No. -leaves-

Lilly: What's up Phi-

Phineas: -kisses her (again) on the lips-

To be continued......

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