It was a day like any other day. The birds were flying, the bugs were buzzing, the old people were ranting, and an evil plot was ready to unfold. Goldfish Darkskull was surfing the web like usual, when he came across what seemed like an evil plot. He didn't think much of it, just e-mailed Major Monogram and went about his chatting. But, surprisingly, the person running the webpage saw that Goldy here visited it.

"Butch! I told you we shouldn't put our plans on the internet!" said an evil sounding guy

"How was I supposed to know someone would find it, Paul?" replied Butch

"You-but I- and-...Aww whatever. Lets just find this guy" Paul answered

"Hmm...Goldfish Darkskull. Hey, he's in town! That'll make it easy!" Butch, clearly the dumber member of the duo, pointed out

"No, that just makes it 10x worse!" Paul angrily said

"Let's just find this guy" Butch said, not ready to be smacked.

Phineas Flynn was sitting under his same old backyard tree next to his stepbrother, Ferb. As Phineas wondered what to do that day, he noticed his semi-aquatic monotreme, Perry was missing.

Perry the Platypus went down into his lair via picking up a flag. He dropped down into his lair and was reported to by his boss, Major Francis Monogram.

"Hello, Agent P. Doofenshmirtz is being VERY evil today, in fact, way more evil than ever! We WOULD send you there, if we hadn't recieved this e-mail from Agent GD linking to an evil webpage. It seems suspiscious, and we'd like you to stay here and research it. Wether it be google, bing, wikipedia, yahoo answers, wikanswers, I really don't care, as long as you look into it!" Perry rolled his eyes but did it anyway.

Goldfish was bored of surfing, so he decided to check on what Phineas and Ferb were doing that day. He grabbed his cell phone and rubber band chain and headed off. He was nearly there and yelled "Hey Phine-Hey!" as he was grabbed by Butch and Paul.

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