Ginny was my first ever Phineas and Ferb Character. She is Perry's love interest (but at the end of the fanfic, she became his wife. Ginny was created by user PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior.


Ginny was born in a pet shop with her 3 siblings. Her siblings were the ones who got adopted before her, and she had been staying at the Pet shop until she was 2 years old. She was adopted by Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (Heinz refused to buy her a Dog and told her to pick something easy), and was immediantly loved by her.

Ginny has Perry's fur color, except her's is alittle darker than his, and bright blue eyes. She can stand on her two legs like Perry, but she mostly walks on all fours. Her tail is a little darker as well, but only by 12%, so her tail is a little light and a little dark.

Ginny is Perry's Wife and Mate.


Perry the Platypus: Perry is Ginny's love interest, husband and Mate. Ginny was first seen crushing on Perry in the second chapter of 'Perry's true love' where she saved Perry from Doofenshmirtz' trap (which was also cutting off Perry's air, since it was holding him up by the back of his neck) and kissed him on the cheek in the next chapter (which after they finally started dating). Perry then met her brother, Harold, who he mistook for an old boyfriend of Ginny's, and took a disliking for him. Perry then proposed to her the next day, and the two wedded on Saturday in Phineas and Ferb's backyard (after Perry and Ginny went to the backyard when Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella were thinking of what to do, and the kids decided to get them married).

Vanessa Doofensmirtz: Vanessa is Ginny's owner, who loves her. Ginny loves Vanessa, and keeps her company when lonely.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz: Ginny isn't too fond of Heinz, but there can be times she cares about him.

Phineas Flynn: Ginny likes Phineas, seeing as he is a caring owner and friend.

Ferb Flytcher: Ginny likes Ferb, but she's alittle upset he's really shy. But she accepts that he likes to only say a few words at a time.

Candace Flynn: Ginny doesn't know Candace very much.

Harold: Ginny's brother who she loves deeply. He was protective of her when she started dating Perry, and was a bit mad when Perry proposed to Ginny, but accepted it.


Ginny has made appearances in the following Fanfics:

Baby: A Penny songfic (by PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior)

Perry's true Love (by PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior)

She was mentioned in the fanfic Unreasonable Accident by PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior.

She will appear in a new fanfic by PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior, which is coming soon.

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