Gary the Cat

This is the tale of Gary the Cat, written in free verse poem style. Even if nobody ever finds this, Gary will live on, in my mind, forever

Oh-oh Gary, where are you?

You're my best friend!

I know you're scared right now, but I'll be your best friend too!

Chase the feather, catch my heart

Yes, you can jump on my feet,

And whenever we meet,

Your purring is louder than any problems,


Arguments with Mom,

Or Grammy,

Or Brandy,

Or Dominigue,

Where ever I be I know that you'll be with me

You know homework can suck,

The environments a muck,

But your friendly meow always got me through the dark night

And into the light,

You were my inspiration for becoming a hard core animal nut

Whenever I feel reality crushing me- you're always right on lap, nuzzleing my neck

Why oh world do you torture me like this?

I developed allergies which drove us apart.

It's my fault.

My vice.

And now you look with with pleading eyes,

wishing for our old paradice.

I love you, Gary.

I miss you.

The last I've heard of you,

was your terrified meow, as they drove you away

Why couldn't you stay?

You were loving and kind, and this is how I repay you?

Oh Gary come home!

I love you Gary, I will never forget you.

Although this could never sufice, let this stand tribute to my thanks, love, my gratitude, and sorrow.

Gary+Alexa forever.AlexCat (talk) 09:24, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

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