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Dill Anshar
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Gender: Male
Age: 39
Height: 175>
Nationality: Indonesian
Hometown: Jakarta
Born: July 19
Nemesis: Lid
Professional Information
  Pilot, Ship Captain, Technological engineering, Architectural engineering, Elevator engineering, building tester, Astronaut, Engineer, Former CEO of of The Tri State International Transportation Network Corporation, IT Director of Flynn and Co, CEO of PJet Aviation, Homekeeper of Flynn and Co's Scienctific and Technological Research Center (Science Dynamics), Private Pilot, FBI Special Agent.
Major: Architecture, Technical, Computer Technology, Economics, All Science Fields, Aviation, Engineering
Friends and Family

Dill, in the years where Phineas, Ferb and others had married and establish or employ on corporations or government services around the globe. After 10 years of pain, his work is finally paid off, and was now the IT Director of Flynn and Co.

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