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This is the page where you can nominate a character for FC. Rules are as follows:

  • Do not nominate a character that doesn't have an article.
  • If a character doesn't win, they can be nominated as many times as you want, but only once per month.
  • Do not nominate a character that has won in the past
  • You can only nominate one of your characters a month
  • Please vote for a character if you nominate one.

Also, we will not accept unsigned comments, they will be omited and not counted.

When supporting/opposing a character, give a good, sensible reason to why you support. We encourage you to point out things that can be improved. Please do not oppose/support a character just because you don't like it or you feel like opposing/supporting it. They, too, will be not counted, and deleted. And you can't vote for the same character again even though your comment is invalid/deleted.

When nominating a character, please make sure to use this format:

*'''Created by: [[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]]'''

To see the characters that were previously nominated and the full details on the voting for each month, refer to the Archive page.

For January 2014





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