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Here, any user may nominate an article for the status of Featured Article. A Featured Article (or "FA") is a page on the wiki that demonstrates the best of quality and is considered one of the greatest pages the wiki has/will have.

The criteria for an article is as followed:

  1. The article must have excellent prose, devoid of typos and bad grammar.
  2. It must be at least 3 paragraphs.
  3. It must have some sort of plot to it and not just say something like "Phineas and Ferb builds a device that eats homework and Doof makes an inator to destroy pelicans."

To nominate an article, simply add the article name in Heading 2 (two equal signs) here. While voting for an article, please give suggestions of improvements so the article can truly be perfect and of FA status. If you find an article perfect, then you do not have to, but we strongly suggest you give opinions on its improvements so it can truly be perfect. Also, we will not accept unsigned comments, they will be omited and not counted.

Please do not opppose/support an article just because you don't like it or you feel like opposing/supporting it. They, too, will be not counted, and deleted.

Each support/oppose needs to have a good, sensible reason to why you chose the article to vote. We do not accept supports/opposes like "Great story!" or "This is lame." Those kind of votes will be invalid and you cannot revote for the same article again, even if your vote is invalid.

When nominating an article, please make sure to use this format:

*'''Written by: [[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]]'''
*'''Nominated by: [[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]]'''

To see the articles that were previously nominated and the full details on the voting for each month, refer to the Archive page.

For October 2013

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