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Fireside Girls (Terran Empire)

Fireside Girls Engineering/Medical Team (Terran Empire; all ranked "Ensign")

The Fireside Girls aboard the ISS Phineas (flagship of the Terran Empire, an earth-based empire that seeks the conquest of all other worlds possible) are the same ones aboard the USS Phineas of the Prime Universe. They are also all ranked Ensign and serve as the engineering and medical crew for the ship. Lieutenant Commander (or Dr.) Baljeet Rai is the Chief Engineer, and is thus in charge of them and their activity. They wear long-sleeve variations of the red engineering/security/operations uniforms when on engineering duty and long-sleeve variations of the blue medical/sciences uniform when on sick bay duty. Their hats are purple, noting the control of Emperor Heinz Doofenshmirtz over daily life. Their uniforms expose the midriff like most female officer duty uniforms, and they wear a gold belt with a standard Terran Empire dagger common to all personnel. Due to their low rank and demanding work, they carry no personal accomplishment badges or medals (some because of a lack of major accomplishments). An unspecified number are lost in space during the Great Temporal Battle in Meap's space, but manage to be rescued eventually by other ships of the Terran Empire fleet.

Creator's Comments

  • "Although they are mentioned in The Terran Empire, I was not originally planning on drawing the Fireside Girls in their parallel universe form. I also felt that since I had some that were sucked out into space from a hull breach in the ISS Phineas during the Great Temporal Battle, they should have been rescued so they could be featured in my next story. This did happen, as General Phineas Flynn explains to Phineas Prime in A New Star is Born."
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